This page features printable tattoo designs representing Capricorn traits.

Tattooing has been practiced for many thousands of years, and is popular worldwide. According to a recent phone survey, more than 25% of American adults have at least one tattoo.

Permanent tattoos are created by injecting pigment into skin tissue using a needle. These can only be removed by cosmetic laser surgery. Temporary tattoos produce a similar appearance that can last several weeks. The most common style is sticker, which is typically transferred to the skin using water. Today's temporary tattoos can look extremely realistic, but are easily removable with mineral oil.

To make these designs your own, just right-click on any image and select "SAVE PICTURE AS" from your drop-down menu. Then save it to your picture file, from where you can reduce, enlarge and alter the design to make it uniquely your own. Then take it to your favorite neighborhood tattoo artist.

On the plus side, those born under the sign of Capricorn tend to be practical, careful, patient and socially reserved. Capricorns are said to be capable of tremendous self discipline, and can at times be extremely ambitious.

On the down side, Capricorns can sometimes be miserly, temperamental and pessimistic. They also tend to be set in their ways and somewhat resistant to surprises and new ideas.

A typical Capricorn is well organized with a strong work ethic. Expect a leaning toward materialism with a definite conservative side. Capricorns are generally better than most people at saving money. Capricorns have excellent reasoning ability and a tendency to see a project through to completion. A Capricorn is a loyal friend, not easily ruled by emotions.

Appropriate gifts for Capricorn people include books, antiques, fine jewelry, event tickets and hearty home cooked meals.

The colors most often associated with Capricorns are black, brown, gray and deep red.