Taurus profile and designs

This page features an assortment of printable tattoo designs, as well as a link to the Taurus profile and other related info.

Tattooing has been practiced for many thousands of years and the display of body art is popular worldwide. According to a recent phone survey, more than twenty-five percent of American adults wear at least one permanent tattoo.

Permanent tattoos are created by injecting pigment (ink) into skin tissue using a very fine needle. The image is created dot by dot, and takes anywhere from several hours to several months, depending on the intricacy and size of the design.

Permanent tattoos can only be removed without scarring by way of cosmetic laser surgery.

On the other hand, temporary tattoos produce a similar appearance that can last several weeks. The most common style of temporary tattoo is the sticker, which is typically transferred to the skin using water.

Nowadays, temporary tattoos can look very much like permanent tattoos, but are easily removed with a dab of mineral oil.

To print any of the images you see here, just right click on the chosen image and select a SAVE option from your drop-down menu. This will send it to your picture file, where you can reduce or enlarge it as needed.

Always be sure to alter the design to make it uniquely your own. Then take it to your favorite tattoo shop.


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Famous writers born under the sign of Taurus include Honore Balzac and Charlotte Bronte.

Famous actors born under the sign of Taurus include Carol Burnett, Gary Cooper, Jack Klugman, Ryan O'Neal, Jack Nicholson, Shirley Temple and Orson Wells.

Famous singers, composers and other musical performers born under the sign of Taurus include Irving Berlin, Johannes Brahms, Glen Campbell, Cher, Bing Crosby, Yehudi Menuhin and Barbara Streisand.

Famous sports figures born under the sign of Taurus include Poncho Gonzalez (tennis player), Joe Louis (boxer), Johnny Miller (golfer), Willie Mays (baseball player) and Sugar Ray Robinson (boxer).

Among the world's most famous Taurus personalities are Leonardo Davinci, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx and Florence Nightingale.