A-List Actors From Texas And Other Famous Texans

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Texas Trivia: Actors From Texas

Some of the most famous A-List Actors From Texas are 

  1. Carol Burnett (San Antonio)
  2. Joan Crawford (San Antonio)
  3. Larry Hagman (Fort Worth)
  4. Jayne Mansfield (Dallas)
  5. Sissy Spacek (Quitman)

Other famous Texans include

  1. Mary Kay Ash (the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics)
  2. Walter Cronkite (news caster)
  3. Buddy Holly (rock & roll musician)
  4. Howard Hughes (eccentric millionaire)
  5. Janis Joplin (Singer from Port Arthur)
  6. Nolan Ryan (legendary Baseball pitcher)
  7. Lyndon Johnson (United States President from Stonewall)
  8. George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush (United States Presidents from Houston)

10 Fast Facts About Texas

  1. The official state flower of Texas is the Bluebonnet.
  2. The official state bird of Texas is the Mockingbird.
  3. The official state tree of Texas is the Pecan.
  4. Texas is sometimes known as the "Friendship State."
  5. Texas is the top U.S. state for energy production. 
  6. In land area, Texas is the largest of all the mainland states.
  7. In population, Texas is the second largest state in the United States. 
  8. Roughly half of the state's population lives in or around Dallas and Houston.
  9. The landscape of Texas is characterized by pine forests, rolling plains, vast prairies, rugged hills and sprawling deserts. 
  10. The phrase "everything is bigger in Texas" is based on the the wide open spaces of its deserts and prairies.

Texas has four major physical (geographical) regions:

  1. Gulf Coastal Plains,
  2. Interior Lowlands,
  3. Great Plains
  4. Basin/Range Province

Refer to the printable Texas state map, above, showing cities and major roadways. 

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