Top 10 African American Art Creations On The Internet

This page showcases this year's Top 10 works of African American Art. 

"Which Year," you ask? 

What difference does it make?

Beauty is Timeless. 

Art is Immortal. 

Shown above: A mesmerizing work of art by contemporary artist Marcia Allen 

These days, African American Artists can best be described as American Free Men, and those who are related to them.

These fine artists are primarily descended from slaves.

These under-appreciated artists express their rich and colorful (and somewhat Tragic) history to the world in the most extraordinarily unique and compelling ways. 

Contact the credited website shown under each work of African American Art for more details about these beautiful, colorful artworks by these beautiful, colorful American fine artists. 

More Top 10 African American Art

Above: African American Art by Alina Manukyan

image credit: 

Above: African American Art by

Beauford Delaney (1901-1979)

'Can Fire in the Park' (1946)


Above: African American Art by Arvie Smith

image credit:

Above: African American Art by Marina Romito

A sample of the African Tarot deck

image credit:

Above: African American Art by Corey Barksdale

image credit:

Above: Hale Woodruff is a well known mural artist. This mural was created in 1938. 

image credit:

Above: 'Man In Vest' by William Johnson

image credit:

Above: 'Picture That' by Frank Morrison (2017)

image credit:

Above: A thought provoking work by African American surrealist portrait artist Alim Smith

image credit:


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