Alaska Weather And Climate

This page features Alaska Weather and Climate information across the state — Spoiler Alert: Mostly, it's Cold! 

Shown above, a summer traveller backpacking in Alaska. 

What is the difference between Weather and Climate? 

Weather and climate are closely related, although weather has more to do with current conditions of temperature and humidity, where climate is more of an average calculation over time, derived from daily weather conditions. 

Much of the state of Alaska is characterized by long, cold, snowy winters, and short, cool summers. 

During summer months, the temperature in the warmest (southernmost) parts of Alaska range from 40° to 60° F (4° to 15° C). 

During winter months, temperatures in Alaska range from 0° to -30° F (18° to -35° C). 

Is Alaska Weather for You?

Scroll down for charts, tables and stats pertaining to the average annual weather and climate conditions for the state of Alaska. 

More Alaska Weather And Facts

Fast Facts About Alaska

  • Alaska's main agricultural products are potatoes, barley, and hay. 
  • The state of Alaska spans a total area of more than 663,000 square miles, making it America's largest state. 
  • The Alaska state capital is Juneau, although the state's largest city is Anchorage. 
  • Despite its immense size, Alaska's resident population is only around 710,000. 
  • Of these, roughly 291,000 live in Anchorage, and fewer than 32,000 people live in Juneau. 
  • The area code for the whole state of Alaska is 907. 

Above: A map showing Alaska's average annual rainfall, in millimeters. 


Annual Climate Report For Anchorage

The table below shows temperature measured on the Fahrenheit scale, and snowfall measured in inches. 

                 Avg High     Avg Low    Avg Snowfall 

Jan             23               11             11 

Feb             27               14             11 

Mar             34              19              10   

April            44              29              04

May             56              40               0

June            63              48               0

July             65              52               0 

August         64              50               0

September   55              42               0 

October        40             29               8 

November     28             17             13

December     25             13              17

Above: Frozen Alaskan landscape at sunset


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