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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



JABOT: A frilled or ruffled necktie. Shown below, a ladies' jabot by Marc Jacobs. 

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JACKBOOT: A low heeled, square toed, over-the-knee riding boot. 

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JACQUARD: A weaving method involving a loom that creates intricately woven fabrics. 

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JAFFER: A woven cotton fabric with the warp and weft in different colors. 

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JAMA: A full sleeved men's outer garment, similar to a robe, gown, or coat. 

Shown below, the man of this group wears a jama. 

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JAMDANI: A style of muslim cotton brocaded with a floral design. 

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JANGHIA: A style of men's shorts that originated in India. 

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JASPE: A woven fabric featuring faint stripes formed by weaving different shades of yarn.  

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JEANS: Casual pocketed pants, typically made of denim, most frequently available in blue and black. 

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JERKIN: A sleeveless outer garment, in fashion with the ladies of England during the early 17th century and, more recently, in American fashion. 

Shown below, an amazingly well preserved 16th century buff leather jerkin. 

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JERSEY: A resilient, crease resistant, flexible stretch fabric, usually made from wool or cotton.

Jersey cotton is often used for making tee shirts, like the one shown below.  

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JEWEL NECKLINE: A high, round neckline, set just below the base of the neck.  

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JHABBA: A loose, tunic-like Indian garment for men or women. 

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JHULA: A type of blouse originating in India, traditionally worn by children. 

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JHUMB: A simple garment made by knotting one end of a sheet, and wearing it over the head so it trails down the back.  

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JUMPER: A casual dress that is pulled on from the ankles up, often featuring shoulder straps. 

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JUMPSUIT: A one-piece, full body outfit consisting of pants with an attached top. 

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JUPE: A style of underskirt. The term formerly referred to a type of jacket. 

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JUSTAUCORPS: A knee-length men's coat with a tight fitting upper portion, and flared from the waist down. The justaucorps was a popular men's fashion in 17th and 18th century Europe. 

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JUTE: 1. A coarse, strong thread made from plant fibers. 2. An American fashion magazine. 

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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style


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