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This page features links to dozens of delectable Appetizer Recipes.  

Shown above: Shrimp, Guacamole, and Cucumber bites. The recipe for Guacamole is linked below. 

All of the recipes listed here are budget-friendly, diet-friendly, and downright delicious! Some are even low fat, but don't count on it, necessarily. 

Some of the recipes shown here give calories counts for those of us watching our weight. 

Fast And Easy Appetizer Recipes

Bread Appetizer Recipes

Indian Fry Bread: A popular Native American comfort food 

Injera Bread: A spongy African food recipe

Banana Bread 1: A very basic recipe that's always a treat.

Banana Bread 2: This soft, creamy variety is wonderful served warm with butter.

Ciabatta Bread: A soft, spongy Italian bread with a thin, crunchy crust. 

Salad Appetizer Recipes

7 Layer Salad Recipe: A versatile, visually pleasing appetizer salad. 

Ambrosia Salad: This sweet, fruity recipe is a popular American summer favorite. 

Bean Salads:  Protein-rich lunch or side dish recipes, best when served warm. 

Chicken Salad:  This chicken salad recipe features fresh grapes and chopped celery.

Cold Pasta Salad:  A hearty side dish recipe that functions as a meal.

Egg Salad:  Great when made into cracker sandwiches, or served as a raw veggie dip. 

Green Salad:  Green salads are a fresh, lively start to any meal, and are among America's most popular Appetizer Recipes. 

Jello Salad:  This versatile recipe is served as an appetizer, side dish or dessert.

Ramen Noodle Salad:  A quick and easy lunch recipe. Elegant, inexpensive and delicious. 

Taco Salad: A nutritious, cool and crunchy midday meal. 

To make Appetizer Recipes from any of the above, simple reduce the portion size. 

Fast And Easy Appetizer Soups

Beef Barley Soup: This recipe is a great appetizer, but can also be served as a meal.

Lobster Bisque is an elegant appetizer recipe. 

Gazpacho Soup: A refreshing, tomato-based appetizer recipe, served cold.  

Vichyssoise Soup: Another refreshing culinary creation, made with potatoes and served cold. 

Try These Other Soup Recipes: Creamy tomato soup and more.  

Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes 

Roasted Vegetables

Grilled Corn: A perfect recipe for an outdoor summer barbecue party.

Grilled Vegetables: Served as a healthy side dish or a complete vegetarian meal.

Hummus: A Middle Eastern dip served with pita bread or raw veggie slices.

Cole Slaw: - A popular American favorite.

Guacamole and Salsa with tortilla chips is one of America's most popular Mexico-influenced Appetizer Recipes. 

Other Recipes And Related Links

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Quiche Appetizer Recipes 

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Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipes 


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