The Top 10 April Fool Images On The Internet

This page features an odd assortment of April Fool clipart designs and fun April Fools prank videos. 

Shown Above: A clipart egg that unhatches itself. 

Clipart can be used for business, education, artwork, correspondence, love letters, websites, tattoo designs, and more. 

Choose from any of the dozens of clipart and coloring page themes linked below. Each category features the Top 10 Clipart Designs on the Internet. 

You can save, print, send, or share any of the animated images shown here. You can even start your own April Fool clipart or video collection.  

Be sure to check back often, as more April Fool Clipart designs and other free printable coloring page themes are being added here all the time. 

You might even dream up a few April Fool pranks of your own. 

Incidentally, they've changed the date. From now on, April fools Day will be officially observed on March 32nd. 

April Fool! 

More Top 10 April Fool Clipart Designs

Above: TRUMP2020!!!


Above: A colorful April fool clipart design


Above: Bang. 


Above: !slooF lirpA


Above: Happy Homer Simpson April Fool!


Above: Another April Fool clipart deign

image: 123rf

Above: Another April Fool's Day Ad


Above: Donald Duck Gives Good Advice!


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Western Zodiac Signs

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PISCES  clipart designs

ARIES  clipart designs

TAURUS  clipart designs

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