Aquarius Traits, Dates, Symbols

Scroll down for links to Aquarius Traits and free printable Aquarius clip art. The image shown above represents the symbol for the sign of the zodiac known as Aquarius.

This page features an enjoyable collection of printable poetry representing the sign of Aquarius. See below for links to personality profiles, reusable calendars, cool tattoo designs and other free printable items.

Among the most famous writers born under the sign of Aquarius are Ayn Rand, Lord Byron, Robert Burns, Stephen Crane, Charles Dickens, James Joyce, Sinclair Lewis, Gertrude Stein, Virginia Woolf, W.S. Maugham and Langston Hughes.

Famous entertainers born under the sign of Aquarius include Alan Alda, John Belushi, Jack Benny, Humphrey Bogart, Geena Davis, James Dean, Placido Domingo, Farrah Fawcett, Eartha Kitt, Paul Newman and Lana Turner, among others.

Famous musical composers born under the sigh of Aquarius include Wolfgang Mozart and Franz Schubert.

Famous athletes born under the sign of Aquarius include Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Jack Nicklaus, Wayne Gretzky, Max Baer and Hank Aaron, to name only a few.

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by Alvaron

The tempest soul,

wrought upon,

by time and wave,

by sand and stone,

by the hourglass

and the storm

which makes it turn.


Lord of the sea,

the spirit of all who dwell beneath,

friend to all sea folk,

yet friend to none.

Surrounded by many,

yet always alone.

Swirling vortexes,

his despair,

Crashing waves,

his hate,

The lost at sea,

his longing,

forever alone.


Page of Aquarius - An Acrostic Sonnet

by Jonathan Robin

Poverty, plague, cyclone none prevent

Are global threats. Mankind blindly bumbles

Gestating his own future as he stumbles

Erratically from time to time misspent.

Our days are numbered. Nothing may cement

Freedom as we knew it – which pride humbles –

And balanced progress. Hope now crumbles,

Questions Hope itself as man’s descent

Unleashes forces few control, - unspent

Agression, earthquake exploitation. Grumbles

Rise as learning’s tower teeters, tumbles.

In the absence of alternatives, well-meant

Unstable platitudes are not enough,

Sound hollow, - Nature’s rumbles don’t sound bluff

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