Aries Man And Woman Compatibility, Symbols, Poems, And More


Below are some poems for, by, or about the Aries Man.

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Poems For The Aries Man

The Moon in Aries

by Decayed Angel

The moon in Aries – aspects of the sun

A light reflecting salient apogees

To guide each independent Arian.

The moon in Aries

Emotes the flame to burn in effigies

A martian fire, a seething overcome

In motion: only ceaseless energies

Can quell the heat, the fury once begun.

Ascendant hearts may only soothe the pleas

Of one trapped deep within this phenomenon:

The moon in Aries.

Aries the Ram

- by Arab Strap

When we were last here we named our offspring,

But we never even did it, we never really did anything.

We shared a birthday so we shared a do

and they cooked my/your clothes when I was upstairs with you.

I/you did the sheet trick,

You/i did a yawn so i/you went out with the boys,

Stealing the milk at dawn.

I was a virgin, you were on holiday

- I’d had seven glasses when she asked me to stay.

So I let the wine decide what I should do.

At least I was careful

- I remember it was blue.

Aries Limerick

- Anonymous

A fellow whose birth sign was Aries

was famously frightened of fairies

Said his girlfriend one day

“Your friends are so gay.”

Said the guy to his girlfriend, “It varies.”



-by Desmond Miles

Have met a lot thus far this time..

None so special than your kind..

You are so like a sign that rhymes..

Wisdom be your precious mime..

Many years ahead sublime..

Sweet in youth, wise of mind..

Touching hearts wher'er you go..

Quietly you spread your will..

Making Life your sweeter pill..

Your life of love is to behold..

Your love of Man be always bold..

Our hearts are yours to keep within..

Our love be now your next of kin..

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