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This page features a selection of the Best Poems from a throwback poet.

Also see examples and instructions for poetic forms you can try! 




Scroll down for some contemporary poems by a throwback poet.

These poems are composed in various poetic styles, which are briefly explained above each example. 

Best Poems Formats

Haiku Poems

Perhaps the easiest type of poem to try is the Haiku. 

A traditional Haiku is a 3-line poem. 

The first and third lines contain 7 syllables. 

The second line contains five syllables. 

Haiku Poems have numerous variations, but frequently the Best Poems by Haiku poets are in the traditional Haiku style. 

The Haiku poem does not have to rhyme, and a title is not required, although you can add a title of you want to. 

That's really all there is to writing a Haiku poem, such as the ones shown here:

Distant Memory 

strange men stomping up the stairs 

I'm afraid to breathe 

my homework shakes in my hand 


The catch of the day becomes

sliced raw sashimi 

My Bento box awaits me 

Foreign Tongues

In a certain way, Spanish 

and Japanese are 

pronounced identically

If desired, you can lengthen a Haiku poem by attaching several 3-line Haiku stanzas together. 

Interlocking Rubaiyat

Another fun type of poem is a rhymed verse called an "Interlocking Rubaiyat." 

One of the Best Poems following this rhyme scheme is 'Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening' by Robert Frost. 

The instructions are as follows: 

The rhyme scheme is aaba, bbcb, ccdc, and so on. 

In other words, the unrhymed syllable of one stanza becomes the rhyming syllable of the next stanza. 

If desired, all 4 lines of your final stanza can rhyme. 

This rhyme scheme (minus the interlocking feature) is named after 'The Rubiayat' by Omar Kayim. 

My Interlocking Rubaiyat poem is shown here: 


by Judee Shipman

Rocky Roads — Break of Dawn 

Badlands Canyon changes form 

Every time there comes the Rain 

Nature’s Artwork gets reborn 

Jagged Rocks adorn the Plains 

Hallucinations rock my Brain 

Fashioned by some willful Hand 

Faces! Babies! Battles! Trains! 

The Rock that rocks a rainbow band 

Of many colored types of sand 

Is softer than a Rock should get

For reasons I don't understand 

My thirst for Thought not quenched quite yet 

On every blowing breeze I bet 

That they could also spot those three 

Beheaded Horsemen I detect 

Is God an Artist? You tell me.

His sculptures carve themselves for Free 

I only wish to stop and see 

His muddy Mountains' Majesty! 

Rhupunt Poem

You can also try writing a Rhupunt poem. This is a Welsh poetic form with simple instructions in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Compose the poem in 4-line stanzas of 4 syllables per line. 
  2. Make the first 3 lines of each stanza rhyme with each other.
  3. Make all of the 4th lines rhyme with each other. 

My Own Best Friend 

by Judee Shipman

I live alone

I work at Home

I'm on my own 

I like it fine

What makes you think 

I need a drink?

I'm tickled pink!

My time is mine 

I simmer down 

I sit around 

I traipse the Town 

at Dinnertime 

All by myself

to count my Wealth

as Candles melt

upon the Mind.

Tautogram Poem

A Tautogram is a simple poem in which every word begins with the same letter. Those are all the rules. 

Now choose Your favorite letter and have fun with it! 

Scared Silly

by Judee Shipman 

Snakes slither silently 

Summer sunrise speaks so softly 

Singing — sweetly serenading...  

She spies shiny, spotted S-shaped streaks  

Starts screaming

Some stand stock still

Some step slowly

Some, sitting, scoot swiftly 

She shows shocked surprise — seems startled —

Stay sane, Suzanna!

Stan sternly stated 

Simply sit somewhere.” 

Shaking sweat, Suzanna scurries speedily South

Sadly stunned, so stiffly she sits 

staring surreptitiously sideways 

Sipping sweet strawberry soda. 

It's harder to create a tautogram poem that rhymes, but who can resist trying? 

Trained Tigers

by Judee Shipman 

Tripping Tallahassee to Tulane

Thirteen tigers trotted toward the train

The trainman thought the tigers travelled tame

To their territory — their Terrain

Palindrome Poem

Feeling adventurous? Why not try a Palindrome Poem? Some of the world's Best Poems are Palindromes. 

Here is the instruction:

The second half of the poem IS the first half of the poem, reversed, with a single word interjected between the two halves. 

That's it! 

The title doesn't also have to be a palindrome, but mine is anyway, just for fun. 

Amor Aroma 

By Judee Shipman 

Wine Fire of Connoisseurs 

Fine are we, fit and Funky 

Lime minty — candy Skittles 

Pine of Splash — scented Skunky  


Skunky scented — splash of Pine 

Skittles candy — minty Lime 

Funky and fit, we are Fine 

Connoisseurs of Fire Wine 

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