by Judee Shipman



When you think about it, almost every Bible Story has something to do with Charity... 

America’s Top one percent give, on average, 3% of their annual income to charity each year.

Meanwhile, the poorest Americans give about 4.5% of their income to charity.

How much do you give to charity? 

The final suggestion in this wealth-building process is to give at least 10% of your earnings to the charity of your choice. 

In this case (and in most cases) charity can be defined as giving money to, or buying things for, strangers in need. 

I can hear you laughing already. It sounds so counterintuitive to give away money when you are trying to save it. How is THAT a bible story? 

Ask most people to give two dollars to a stranger, and they look at you like you’ve poked them in the eye with a cocktail fork. Perhaps they never heard a bible story.  

That’s why I saved this section for last. I was afraid if you saw it sooner you wouldn’t keep reading. But since you are nearing the end, you might as well read on. 

I can’t prove the result I witnessed, but I can swear that I’ve tried this and it has worked for me repeatedly. 

It parallels a spiritual concept, which gets told as a viral but somewhat bastardized bible story to middle schoolers. 

Basically, it conveys the notion that if you cast your breads upon the waters, your reward will come back to you threefold

To the best of my (admittedly limited) awareness, charity is the final key to achieving appreciable material wealth, as paradoxical as that may sound.

Then again, isn't every bible story paradoxical? 

The only way to see of it actually works is to try it yourself. If you skip this step, your health and/or wealth may be less than they would have been if you had followed this step. 

By the way, your happiness is not guaranteed. 

But the “threefold” expression addresses an important spiritual truth. 

Here’s a personal example: 

Some years ago, I gave $5,000 to some people who needed it. I have never mentioned this or tried to get any attention for it. I only mention it now as an example.

Not too after giving this money away, I noticed that I had $15,000 saved in the bank, exactly three times the amount I had given freely away.

I hadn’t been counting my money, and as usual, I was eking out a living working from home as a writer, barely making rent each month.

But soon after I gave away that money, a truck load of long term writing gigs came my way, keeping me busy day and night for several months! 

Some time after that, I gave $1,500 to someone who needed it. Days later I got not one, but two lucrative writing gigs. Awhile after that, I noticed $4,500 in my savings account. 

Spooky, no? 

By the next time I checked my savings account, I’d given away about $13,000 altogether, and had $39,000 in my savings account!

Am I dreaming, or did I find in my bank account exactly three times the amount I had given freely away, three times in a row? 

This is more than a bible story. It is what actually happened to me.

It involves a karmic effect known to certain metaphysical philosophers as The Generosity Coefficient

I know it seems ridiculous, and I have no idea why it should work. I only know that it keeps working for me as long as I keep working for it

Then again, doesn't every bible story seem ridiculous, until you really think about it? 

The more you give, the more you get.

It couldn’t be more simple, and I see no reason why I should I be the only person this happens to.

Maybe this can work for you too. 

So, let’s now do the “math” and see if we can replicate this miracle. 

If your spendable income is $1,000 a week, give $100 (which is 10%) to someone who needs it. Or use it to buy things other people need.

Then work hard, and keep on working.

In two years, you will have donated $10,400 to the charities of your choice, while also following the aforementioned steps for saving money.

Check your balance. See if you don’t have $31,200 in savings after two years. That’s three times the amount you gave away.

Let me know how that went for you. 

If you make $300 a week, give $30 a week to someone who needs it. Or use to to buy things other people need.

You can still save money, as most of us spend a lot more than we need to without realizing it.

Then work hard, and keep on working. In two years, you will have donated $3,120 to strangers in need, while also following the aforementioned steps for saving money. 

Now check your savings. See if you don’t have $9,360 saved after two years. That’s three times the amount you gave away.

Let me know how that went for you. 

Charity has magical powers. Spirits actually DO help us when we meet them halfway, especially of we get there first. 

If you don’t believe in spirits, don't worry. They are quite above taking offense, and anyone can still follow these easy steps. 

The catch is that charity has to be pure. 

Give only for the sake of making someone else happy for awhile, then move quietly away, without expecting even as much as a thank you in return. 

Then go immediately back to work, and just keep working. 

The worst thing you can do is sit around waiting for your ship to come in. Don’t imagine that you deserve a reward. Just forget it and go back to work. Release all expectations. 

Working and moving forward is the straightest and easiest road to success. There may even be a bible story alluding to that concept. 

To help us choose our charities wisely, here are 


1. DO NOT give your money to charitable organizations, or even to your local church. Instead, donate it directly to the people who need it.

It would take a whole other book to explain how I know that organized religion is a money-grabbing SCAM, but it is. There is no bible story that mentions churches or Christianity, because Jesus was there at the time, of course. Churches were created by men. 

But aside from that, in a karmic sense, asking someone else to donate to charity for us is like asking someone else to take our medicine for us.

Our active, personal involvement is KEY to reaping the karmic benefits of charity. It’s just another way of practicing Mindfulness.  

2. Give generously to your family if they are in need, but do not see this as true charity.

The magic happens so much better when you give to strangers, or to people you hardly know. Just give it up and walk away. Expect not as much as a thank you in return. Let your reward just be knowing that you made someone else’s day brighter, and how bad can that be, after all? 

3. Avoid giving cash to anyone who appears to have any kind of addiction or substance abuse problem. 

On a final note, if, for some who-knows-what reason, you cannot find paid labor, work for someone else.

This comes as a faint away shock to many of us, but if you really don’t have housework or paid labor of your own to do, you might kindly offer to mow a neighbor’s lawn, or walk their dogs, or wash the family car. 

Why not? It’s great exercise. And when you get home, you can take the money you would have spent on a gym membership, and if you’ve read this far, you know what to do with it. 

Now that you have found the true Key To Happiness, the time has come to begin the experiment. You will not know that it works until you try it. 

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come to start your 240,000-horse-power engines! 



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