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Use this guide to personalize your own Business Card Templates. 


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1. Background Effects

The background for your business card should meet at least three requirements: visibility, esthetics, and appropriateness to your business. 

You want to make sure your card is easy to read at a glance, so the background design should not look too "busy," or contain more than two (preferably neutral) colors. 

Ideally, the background color of your business card templates should be either light or dark. Medium hues are somewhat less visible. 

"Appropriateness" refers to using styles and colors that match whatever you are trying to sell.

For instance, a coffee manufacturer's business card might be some shade of medium to dark brown (with white lettering, perhaps), where a psychotherapist might choose as a background a soft, relaxing, unassuming, green or blue pastel. 

As for background texturing, the same principles apply: A wood grained texture would be more appropriate for a construction company or a carpentry business, than for a medical practice or a sushi restaurant. 

Let common sense guide you through the process of choosing your background. 

When in doubt, choose a solid white background with plain black lettering. 

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2.  Styling

As you might guess, there are countless ways of styling business card templates. Popular style types include sleek, elegant, high tech, rustic, and basic. 

If your business is high tech, you might include some sort of digital artwork.

If your business has a rustic touch, a wood grain background effect could be a wise choice. 

If your business sells high end luxury items, choose a sleek, elegant, or otherwise expensive looking business card design, perhaps involving gilt gold trim. 

The most basic design for business card templates would be a simple white background with black lettering. 

3. Simplicity

If nothing else, all business card templates should be easy on the eyes. 

To accomplish the optimal design simplicity, use as few words as possible to convey all your pertinent information. 

Unless otherwise called for, it's best to use a simple, professional looking Font such as Helvetica or Times New Roman. 

Also, maximize the contrast between the words and the background, and avoid using too many colors.

If possible, have only one side of a business card printed, and leave the reverse side blank. 

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4. Include All Pertinent Info

No matter what type of business you start, your business card should include at least: 

  • The name of your business
  • The purpose of your business 
  • Your business phone number
  • Your business email address
  • Your business website url 

When applicable, also include the physical address of your business. 

Other possible inclusions on business card templates are business logos, slogans, and/or the name of the business card holder. 

5. Placement and Layout

How large should the font size be?

Where on the card should each design feature be located?

Which way should each design feature be oriented?

These questions are pertinent to the placement and layout of any graphic design work.

This aspect of graphic design is known to visual artists as the 'composition.' 

The answer is inherent in the design tips mentioned above. Keep your composition simplestraightforward, and relevant to the products and/or services you offer.  






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