Domestic Cat Breeds


This page features a List of domestic Cat Breeds, with full color photos included. 

A domesticated Cat is a meat eating mammal that was bred primarily for the purpose of human companionship. 

Cats were first domesticated from a particular species of wildcat in the Near East around 7500 BC. Cat breeding has become ever more popular throughout the centuries. 

Cat lovers are encouraged to scan this page to see a full line of felines of every style and kind. 

Above: A chart displaying 34 popular Breeds of Domestic Cats. 

How many domestic Cat Breeds do you think there are? Read on for an alphabetical list of domesticated Cat Breeds from around the world. 


Regarding the Warning Stated Above

It isn't hard to keep a cat's claws Clipped. It's just like getting your nails trimmed. 

If You feel the need to Declaw a cat, You should Not get a cat.

You Could adopt a cat that's already been declawed, but declawed cats are Permanently Disabled, and must be kept indoors, because they cannot climb trees or defend themselves. 

Cat Declawing is an Act of Cruelty, No Matter What Your Veterinarian Tells You. 

List Of Domestic Cat Breeds

The Abyssinian Cat is a shorthaired cat with rust colored fur, originally bred in Asia. 

The Aegean cat — white with tabby markings — was originally bred in Greece. 

The American Bobtail cat breed, which features many different types of markings, is most easily recognized by its short, stumpy tail. 

American Curl (USA)

American Ringtail (USA) 

American Shorthair (USA) 

American Wirehair (USA) 

Aphrodite Giant (Cyprus) 

Arabian Mau (Arabian Peninsula) 

Asian Cat (UK) 

Asian Semi-longhair (UK) 

Australian Mist (Australia) 

Balinese (USA) 

Bambino (USA) 

Bengal (Asia/USA) 

Birman (France) 

Black Cat Breeds 

Black and White Cats 

Bombay (USA) 

Brazilian Shorthair (Brazil) 

British Longhair (UK) 

British Shorthair (UK) 

Burmese (Burma/Myanmar) 

Burmilla (UK) 

Calico Cat 

California Spangled (USA) 

Chantilly-Tiffany (USA) 

Chartreux (France) 

Chausie (USA) 

Colorpoint Shorthair (UK) 

Cornish Rex (UK) 

Cymric (Isle of Man/USA/Canada) 

Cyprus (Cyprus) 

Devon Rex (UK) 

Donskoy (Russia) 

Dragin Li (China) 

Dwelf (USA) 

Egyptian Mau (Egypt) 

European Shorthair (Europe) 

Exotic Shorthair (USA) 

Feral Cat 

Foldex (Canada) 

German Rex (Germany) 

Hairless Cat 

Havana Brown (UK) 

Highlander (USA) 

Himalayan (USA/UK) 


Japanese Bobtail (Japan) 

Javanese Longhair (USA/Canada) 

Kanaani (Germany) 

Khao Manee (Thailand) 

Kinkalow (USA) 

Korat (Thailand) 

Korean Bobtail (Korea) 

Korn Ja (Thailand) 

Kurilian Bobtail (Eastern Russia/Japan) 

Lambkin (USA)

Laperm (USA)

Lykoi (USA)

Maine Coon (USA) 

Above: The Maine Coon is the world's largest breed of domestic cat.


Manx (Isle of Man) 

Mekong Bobtail (Russia) 

Minskin (USA) 

Napoleon (USA) 

Munchkin (USA) 

Nebelung (USA) 

Norwegian Forest Cat (Norway) 

Ocicat (USA) 

Above: The Ocicat has a sweet temperament, despite its wild appearance.


Ojos Azules (USA) 

Orange Tabby Cat 

Oregon Rex (USA) 

Oriental Bicolor (USA/UK) 

Oriental Longhair (USA/UK)

Oriental Shorthair (USA/UK) 

Pallas Cat 

Persian: Modern (USA/Europe) 

Persian: Traditional (Greater Iran) 

Above: Persian cats are a longhaired breed that can be any combination of colors, but Persians are most easily recognized by the funny shape of their noses. 


Peterbald (Russia)

Pixie-bob (USA) 

Polydactyl Cat 

Ragamuffin Cat (USA) 

Ragdoll (USA) 

Raas (Indonesia) 

Russian Black (Australia) 

Russian Blue (Russia) 

Russian Tabby (Australia) 

Russian White (Australia) 

Sam Sawet (Thailand) 

Savannah (USA) 

Scottish Fold (UK) 

Selkirk Rex (USA) 

Serengeti (USA) 

Serrade Petit (France) 

Serval Cat (Africa) 

Siamese (USA) 

Siberian (Russia )

Singapura (USA) 

Snowshoe (USA) 

Sokoke (Jenya) 

Somali (USA/Canada) 

Sphynx (Canada/Europe) 

Suphalak (Thailand) 

Tabby Cat 

Thai (Thailand) 

Tonkinese (Canada/USA) 

Tortoiseshell Cat 

Toyger (USA) 

Turkish Angora (Turkey) 

Turkish Van (UK) 

Turkish Vankedisi (Turkey) 

Tuxedo Cats 

Ukrainian Levkoy (Ukraine) 

Wila Krungthep (Thailand) 

York Chocolate (USA) 

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