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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



COMBAT BOOTS: Military style boots originally designed for soldiers during combat, but lately observed in modern styles of clothing and fashion. 

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COMBED YARN: A purified yarn of fibers that are straightened into parallel strands. 

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CONE HEEL: A heel that is wider near the foot, then narrows downward. 

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CORDUROY: A durable, casual cotton-blend fabric of textural parallel fibers that form a ribbed pattern. 

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CORN ROWS: A hairstyle consisting of many tight, thin braids, sometimes adorned with beads. 

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CORK: A soft, lightweight material derived from wood. Cork is often used in clothing and fashion design, mainly for making shoes.

However, cork can be used for other fun fashion creations as well, such as the ladies' vest and clutch purse shown below. 

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CORSET: A tight, form-fitting, typically strapless bodice, with either lace or snap closures running down the full length of the front (or back). 

Below, Dita Von Teese models one of the many corsets she has in her impressive corset collection. 

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COTTON: A durable fabric made from the soft fibers of the cotton plant. The comfort and convenience of cotton make it the world's most widely used natural fiber textile. 

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COUCHING: A kind of embroidery where yarns are fastened to a surface with small stitches. 

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COVERED HEEL: A heel that is covered with the same material as the upper portion of the shoe. 

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COWBOY BOOTS: High-topped leather boots with pointed toes and short, chunky heels. Often embroidered with western art. 

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COWBOY HEEL: A heel that, when viewed in profile, is straight on one side and angled on the other. 

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COWL NECK: A slouching, scarf-like neckline with extra material attached to the garment at the neck. This material can be pulled up over the head and used as a hood. 

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CRAVAT: A decorative or symbolic neckband, which was a predecessor to the neckties worn today, but is still worn today by stylish men such as the ones shown below. 

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CREPE: A light, coarse, crinkled fabric made of synthetic or natural fibers.  

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CREPEY: A kind of fabric known for its grainy texture. Below, a pair of crepey pants.

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CREPON: Also know as Yoryu, a fabric with pleat-like crinkles. 

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CRETONNE: A cotton fabric featuring bright florals on a solid background. 

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CREWEL: A type of embroidery involving loosely twisted, 2-ply, worsted yarn. 

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CREW NECK: A round neckline trimmed with a ribbed band. 

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CRIMP: The wavy texture found in certain fabrics, as well as certain hairstyles.   

Below, a crimp vest by Diane Totten.

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CRISSCROSS STRAP: A strap that forms the shape of an X, often used for clothing and fashion items such as light tops, sandals, and swimsuits. 

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CROCHET: A method of creating fabric from hooked yarn. Sort of like knitting, only not. 

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CROCHET HOOK: The handheld tool with a hook on one end, used for crocheting. 

Shown below, a set of crochet hooks, also known as crochet needles.  

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CROSS STITCH: A sewing technique where the stitches form an X-shaped pattern. 

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CROW'S FOOT STITCH: A sewing technique involving three stitches that meet at one end and separate at the other end, thus resembling the foot of a crow. 

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CUBAN HEEL: A chunky, tapered heel style on certain men's shoes. 

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CUFF LINK: A decorative fastener for a sleeve cuff. 

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CULOTTE: A pair of shorts with a flap at the front, so the garment resembles a skirt. These days,  culottes are known as a skorts.  

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CUMMERBUND: A broad sash worn on the waist, typically with a tuxedo.  

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CUT-OFFS: Unhemmed shorts cut from longer pants. 

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CUTOUT: A clothing and fashion construction technique where pieces are cut from the fabric to form a design. 

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CYCLING SHORTS: Knee-length spandex shorts most commonly worn by cyclists. Not normally considered fashionable, but then again...

Shown below, some examples of cycling shorts among the clothing and fashion styles of today. 

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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style


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