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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



KAFTAN: A light, roomy, long-sleeved, ankle length ladies' coat from India. 

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KAIRI BUTI: An Indian floral motif featuring a stylized mango. 

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KALA BATTON: A type of silver or gilt gold fiber, often used as embroidery. 

Above image credit:

KALGA: An Indian design motif featuring an abstract Cypress pattern. This design eventually developed into what we now know as paisley

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KANCHALI: Like a Choli, a Kanchali is a short top worn under a sari by Indian women. 

Shown below, a Kanchali designed in 1960. 

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KANGA: A large, rectangular piece of printed fabric, bordered on all sides with contrasting colors or patterns. Originally designed in Africa. 

Below, a group of east African women wear kanga wraps at the beach. 

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KANGAROO POCKET: An outside front pocket with open ends at each side, often seen on hoodies and pullover sweatshirts. A popular college fashion trend. 

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KANJARI: A backless, blouse-like upper garment that is longer in the front, somewhat like a halter top.  

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KANZU: A style of white robe worn by African men of a particular region. 

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KARCHOBI: A technique where metallic threads are sewn onto a satin or velvet background, resembling embroidery. 

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KELLY BAG: A style of leather carry bag popularized by Grace Kelly, who was also known as Princess Grace of Monaco. 

Below, Grace Kelly in 1956, carrying a Kelly bag.

Above image credit:

KEMP: A coarse wool fiber.   

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KENAF: A textile made from plant fibers, similar to jute

Above image credit:

KENTE COTH: An African textile made from interwoven strips of silk-cotton blended fabric. 

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KERCHIEF: A large, lightweight, triangular or square piece of hemmed fabric, originally meant to be used as a head covering.

Sometimes called a bandana, or a hijab, depending on where and how it is worn. 

Above image credit:

KERSEY: A lustrous type of woven wool or wool blend fabric, often used for coats. 

Shown below, a man in a navy blue kersey wool coat. 

Above image credit:

KEYHOLE NECK: A teardrop or almond-shaped cutout closure at the top of a blouse or dress, to fasten it at the front or back of the neckline. 

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KHAKI: A neutral earth tone, or a rugged twill fabric of similar color. Originally used for camouflaging soldiers in dry, arid, desert regions. More recently, a stylish element of college fashion. 

above image credit:

KID GLOVES: Gloves made from the hide of a baby goat. 

Shown below, a vintage pair of ladies' kid gloves on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. 

above image credit:

KILT: A knee length, pleated, skirt-like garment, also know as a plaid skirt for men. The kilt originated in the Scottish highlands. 

above image credit:

KIMKHAB: A yellow or white silk fabric brocaded with gold or silver metallic strips. 

above image credit:

KIMONO: A long silk robe with wide sleeves, traditionally worn with a broad sash. 

above image credit:

KIONDO: A hand woven, leather trimmed handbag of African design. 

above image credit:

KIPPER TIE: A colorful men's style necktie about five inches wide. 

Shown below, a kipper tie blouse from Diane von Furstenberg. 

above image credit:

KITTEN HEEL: A short, narrow heel less than two inches in length, and less than half a centimeter in diameter where it touches the ground.  

above image credit:

KNEE-HIGH BOOT: A closed-toed boot that reaches up to the knee. Knee high boots are a popular college fashion statement. 

above image credit:

KNITTING: The process of interlocking loops of yarn to form a sheet of fabric or a garment. 

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KNITWEAR: A term that refers to all knitted garments. 

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KODEL: A brand of polyester patented by the Eastman Chemical Company. 

Shown below, a selection of Kodel artificial leather fabrics. 

above image credit:

KUFI: A short, brimless, rounded cap, traditionally worn by African men. 

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