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This page features Coloring Pages of Disney Characters, and other printable cartoons.


To print these images, just right click on the image of your choice and select a SAVE option from your drop down menu. This will save the image to your picture file, from where you can reduce it or enlarge it as needed. Then print as many copies as you like for your own personal use. 


The Walt Disney Company was founded by two brothers named Walt and Roy Disney. The company started as a local animation studio in 1923. It is now the largest media and entertainment company in the world.

Disney film characters include Bambi, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Hercules, Snow White, Tarzan, and hundreds more. Shown here, Mickey Mouse (Disney's official mascot), Minnie Mouse, Bambi and Buzz Lightyear from the Pixar hit film Toy Story.

Coloring Pages of Disney Characters


* The first coloring book, published in 1879, was called The Little Folks Painting Book.

* Red, Blue and Yellow are known as primary colors. Other colors are made by mixing primary colors together. Red and Blue make purple. Red and Yellow make orange. Yellow and Blue make green. And so on.

* Blue is the most preferred "favorite color" throughout the world.

* Not only is coloring fun, but it also serves many educational purposes. Coloring can improve communication skills, concentration and hand-eye coordination.

* Colors are known to affect people's moods. The pinks and pale greens used in prisons and hospitals have a soothing, stress-reducing effect. Bright red gets people excited.

* According to one study, most of what we call our "first impressions" are based on the colors people are wearing when you meet them.


For more Coloring Pages of Disney characters, princesses, flags and other themed coloring projects, visit any of the links on this page.

Disney Princesses.  This page displays an assortment of famous Disney princesses to print and color as you wish.

More Disney Coloring Pages

Visit this page or hand-drawn coloring pages featuring the likenesses of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Bambi and Buzz Lightyear.

EASTER This page provides free printable coloring images with an Easter theme. Print and color Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and various religious symbols.


Go here for coloring sheets with tiny angels, winged wood nymphs, and other fictional fantasy females.

FINDING NEMO We found Nemo! Now go find your orange marker and color him and all his friends.

HALLOWEEN Hit this link for free printable coloring pages featuring jack-o-lanterns, witches, ghosts, bats, black cats, and other creepy creatures of the night. Actually, they're kind of cute once you get to know them.

HELLO KITTY Everyone's favorite fussed-over feline awaits your coloring expertise.

FUNNY ANIMALS Print and color these cartoon animal images and view some funny photos.

SPONGEBOB Coloring images of the world's most famous sponge and all his friends.

ANGELS Sweet coloring pages and teeny angel tattoo designs.

WINNIE THE POOH This page features coloring sheets of Pooh, Tigger and Christopher Robin.

ZOO ANIMALS A printable collection of wild things.

STATE FLAGS Featuring flags from all fifty states, with links to more printable flags.

NATIONAL FLAGS Featuring flags of many nations, including links to Native American flags and more.

GEOMETRIC SHAPES These cool coloring pages are a hypnotizing collection of symmetrical designs, from simple to complex.


coloring pages of disney characters

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