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1. Cooking vessel                    1. Fathers

4. Ms. Lavigne                        2. ___ Kosh B'Gosh

9. Unhappy                            3. American homescape artist

12. Burned remains                5. Angie's dad on George Lopez

13. A college in New York        6. Return On Investment

14. ___ to Joy                        7. Small hotel

15. Performance                     8. Yard designer

17. Spice for toast                  9. ___ ___ Evening (2 wds.)

19. Isle of ___                       10. Much ___ about nothing

21. Stop breathing                 11. Lion's ___

22. Making necklaces              16. Squishy glob

24. State Dept of Education     18. An Opera

28. ___ Vegas                        20. Tiny illumination device.

29. ___ whiz                          22. Explosion

30. A lily-like flowering plant    23. Away from the West

32. Inquire                             24. Maiden name

33. Temp tattoo ink                 25. Sign on a men's restroom

35. Private vehicle                   27. A Persian language

36. Gig                                   31. A Persian rug

38. Piece of advice                  34. ___wit (idiot)

39. Not hers                           37. Former Queen of Jordan

40. Net Operating Loss            42. Enemy

41. Singer Gwen                     45. Her

43. Japanese fish                    46. Blacktop covering

44. Baseball player Guidry       48. The first three vowels

45. Stare at the night sky        49. What a weapon does

51. Like a hand crafted ebay    50. Economic Research Institute

54. Used to have                     52. Standing Room Only

55. Perceive sounds                 53. Sweet potato

56. A length of time

57. Soon, in Olde English

58. Ancient Indian homes

59. Comic actor deLuise

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