Crossword Puzzles Collection

This page features a batch of Free Printable Crossword Puzzles. 

Simply scroll downward and start solving. 

Your goal is to fill in the white squares with letters, based on the numbered clues given.

All crossword puzzle clues will run either Across or Down, with the number of each clue located inside the white square that contains the first letter of each word. 

The images shown on this page were found online, so no solution key is provided. But try them anyway! You might just surprise yourself.

You could also check the website credited under each puzzle image to find the solution grids. 

The difficulty level for the puzzles shown on this page is medium to hard. 

Scroll further down for links to originally designed themed Crosswords, available only on this website. Solutions ARE provided for these puzzles. 

Puzzle lovers in search of a super difficult crossword challenge should enjoy solving Cryptic Crosswords. One original Cryptic crossword puzzle is linked below, with a solution key provided. 

Also find Sudoku puzzles, word search puzzles, jigsaw puzzle games, and all sorts of other free printable puzzles. 

Print as many Crossword Puzzles as you need for your own personal use. 

Be sure to check back often, as a new original Crossword Puzzles and other Puzzle games are being added here all the time. 

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Crossword Puzzles Found Online

Above: Here's a medium to hard crossword puzzle challenge for the crossword lover in you.

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Above: Try this easy(ish) crossword puzzle challenge

above image credit:

Shown Above: Try this cool Christmas Tree Crossword puzzle challenge

above image credit:

Above: This one is a somewhat harder crossword puzzle created by Frank A. Longo. 


Above: Here is a collection of empty crossword grids so you can create your own crosswords!

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