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Moon in Virgo

by James Lee Jobe

You are not beaten. The simple music rises up,

children's voices in the air, sound floating out

across the land and on to the river beyond,

over the valley's floor. No, you cannot go back

for those things you lost, the parts of yourself

that were taken, often by force. Like an animal

in the forest you must weep it all away at once,

violently, and then simply live on. The music here

is Bach, Vivaldi; a chorale of children, a piano,

a violin. Together, they have a certain spirit

that is light, that lets in light, joyful, ecstatic.

"Forgive," said The Christ, and why not? Every day

that you still breathe has all the joy

and murderous possibilities of your bravest dream.

Forgive. Breathe. Live. The moon has entered Virgo,

the wind shifts, blows up from the Delta, cools this valley,

and you are not beaten; the children sing, it is Bach,

and you are brave, alive, and human.


by Virgo Blight

The evening stars wink and dance just

like they did last year and the year before

and a hundred years ago.

So seemingly still and unchanging,

yet turn around for a minute and they are different,

shifted, and sometimes just gone.

The rotation of the seasons brings

a new yet comfortingly familiar speck of glitter

into the night sky.

Although they look beautiful and promising,

my heart weeps to see the old ones gone,

pushed out into the southern hemisphere of your heart.



by Peta Ealing Cameron

The Virgin, well say it isn't so

I may be a Virgo, but I am in the know

I am the thinker and the analyst

I am practical and like to take it slow

I will find you the answer

I shall research it forever

I will bring home the earnings

I can build you a bridge if you are yearning

I am willing and able and I learn easily

I can be your doctor or healer, when health is what you need

I am the nurse or the patient, but I will ask you a lot

I am fussy or sloppy, just depends on my lot

I will always give the best I can

I will always do you right

I do not always start the fight

Nevertheless, I am nearly always right

I am Virgo and I shine my sacred light 

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