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The Picture Dictionary of Home Design And Architecture

by Judee Shipman



ALKYD: A synthetic resin used in manufacturing certain oil-based paints. Alkyd strengthens the binding properties of the paint.

Shown below, alkyd resins in many colors.

Above image credit: azure.ro

ALLEN WRENCH: An L-shaped tool used for turning hexagonal (6-sided) bolts and screws. 

Above image credit: giant-bicycles.com

ALLIGATOR WRENCH: A wrench designed for turning square-headed fasteners. Alligator wrenches come in many different styles. 

Shown below, a set of antique Alligator wrenches. 

Above image credit: wrenchingnews.com

ALLOY: Any mixture of metallic elements. 

Above image credit: heraeus.com

ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE: A general term that refers to homes constructed with unique design ideas, often using non traditional or repurposed building materials. 

Shown below, a section of 3D Printed architecture. 

Above image credit: 3dprintingmedia.network

ALUMINUM: A soft, silvery metal often used in construction.

Being a softer, shinier metal, aluminum is also useful for other types of design ideas. 

Above image credit: novelis.com

ALUMINUM OXIDE: A type of sandpaper. 

Above image credit: instructables.com

AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE: refers to all architectural styles that originated from architectural design ideas within the United States, such as the Frank Lloyd Wright home design ideas shown HERE.  

AMERICAN BOND: Also known as a Common Bond, this term refers to the way in which standard brick walls are designed. 

The American Bond involves laying bricks of anywhere from 3 to 9 courses of stretchers (lengthwise bricks)  for each single course of headers (bricks laid with the short side showing). 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

Below image credit: brickofchicago.com

AMERICAN CRAFTSMAN: An architectural style that evolved from the American Arts And Crafts Movement. 

American Craftsman homes are characterized by gently sloping roofs with exaggerated eaves, and front porches supported by square columns.

In California, homes constructed with these design ideas are often called bungalows. 

Above image credit: americangables.com

AMERICAN FOURSQUARE: An architectural style popular in the early 20th century, characterized by a 4-sided, somewhat cubic design. 

Above image credit: homestratosphere.com

AMPERAGE: A unit of electric current. 

Shown below, how to incorporate the amperage of a circuit breaker into your home design ideas. 

Above image credit: wikihow.com

ANCHOR BOLT: A piece of hardware used for attaching objects to concrete. Anchor bolts are placed before the concrete dries. 

Shown below, some types of anchor bolts. 

Above image credit: sanko-techno.co.jp

ANGLE DRIVE: The angle at which two flat lines (or planes) are connected at one edge, such as a roof. The angle drive of a roof is also known as the roof's pitch

above image credit: archivaldesigns.com

ANTEBELLUM: A Neoclassical architectural style, also known as Greek Revival. 

Above image credit: signbox.co

ANTIQUING: The process by which a material or a surface takes on a deliberately aged appearance, most commonly for decorative purposes.

This "distressed" style is sometimes known as shabby chic

Above image credit: nepinetwork.org

ANVIL: A heavy metal block with a hard, flat top surface. Used for soldering hot metals, and for striking hard, heavy objects. 

Above image credit: en.wikipedia.org

APARTMENT: A private dwelling with a separate entrance, coexisting with other private dwellings within the same building. 

above image credit: archdaily.com

APPLIANCES: Electrical machines and mechanical equipment that is used for faster and easier completion of household tasks, such as cleaning and cooking, for instance. 

above image credit: accarlsons.com

APRON: A section of decorative stonework beneath a ledge. 

above image credit: Pinterest.com

APSE: A domed, semi circular alcove, often seen in cathedrals. 

above image credit: unsplash.com

ARAEOSTYLE: A spacing of four column widths between columns. 

above image credit: classicist.org

ARBOR: A trellised outdoor garden entrance. 

above image credit: ebay.com



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