Detailed Map of Italy

Shown below is a printable Detailed Map of Italy, indicating its cities and major roadways. 

Italy is a country located in the southern region of Europe.

The country of Italy is a long, boot-shaped peninsula, which also includes the land between the peninsula and the Alps, along with a number of nearby islands, such as Sicily.

With more than sixty million residents, Italy has the fourth largest population of all the countries in Europe. 

The ten largest cities in Italy are Rome (the nation's capital), Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Bali and Catania, in that order.

The place we call Italy today was the birthplace of the University, the Renaissance, modern science, astronomy, heliocentrism,  and opera. 

For centuries, Rome was the center of Western civilization.

Detailed Map of Italy


  • Pizza was served for the very first time in Naples in the 1860s.
  • In land area, Italy is approximately the same size as the state of Arizona.

  • The thermometer and the piano were both invented in Italy.
  • Major farmed products from Italy are grapes, potatoes, sugar beets, soybeans, grain, olives, beef and dairy, among others.
  • Italy's major industries are tourism, machinery, iron, steel, chemicals, food processing, textiles, motor vehicles, apparel, footwear and ceramics. 
  • An electric "volt" is named for Alessandro Volta, an Italian pioneer in the study of electricity. 
  • Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world.  
  • The average age of a resident of Italy is 41 years old. 

shown above: a satellite view of Italy

detailed map of italy 

  • Italy has the lowest birth rate of all countries in Europe.
  • The city of Rome was founded in 753 B.C.
  • The Seven Hills of Rome are Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal and Viminal.
  • Italy is also home to three active volcanoes: Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli.
  • Italy is surrounded by five seas - the Adriatic, the Ionian, the Tyrrhenean, the Ligurian and the Mediterranean.
  • Roughly 95% of native Italians are Roman Catholic.
  • The modern Italian language evolved from ancient Latin.

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