Visual Dictionary of Flowers

Scroll down for a colorful visual Dictionary of Flowers, listing some of the most searched flowers on the internet. 

The flowers picked to adorn this page range from standard and familiar to downright alarming. For instance... 


Shown above: AMORPHOPHALLUS TITANUM ("The Corpse Flower"): "Corpse Flower" is actually a pretty name, compared to this flower's scientific name, which is derived from ancient Greek words whose literal meaning is "giant, deformed penis."

The flower gets its well-known nickname from the smell it gives of as it blooms, which is unanimously compared to rotting flesh.

Luckily for its neighbors, this flower only blooms for about three days every few years. 


The ten most frequently searched flowers on the internet are

  1. Rose
  2. Orchid
  3. Tulip
  4. Hibiscus
  5. Sunflower
  6. Hydrangea
  7. Daisy
  8. Magnolia
  9. Iris
  10. Lily

in that order.

Regarding roses, the most popular colors are red, white, blue, yellow, pink and purple, in that order.


Flowers especially known for their powerful fragrances include Gardenia, Hyacinth, Lily, Rose, Star Jasmine and Amorphophallus Titanum, also know as "The Corpse Flower," on account of its uniquely disgusting scent. 


Among America's most popular edible flowers are Nasturtium, Borage, Violet, Marigold, Dandelion and Rose.


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BORAGE: Also known as Star Flower, this pretty purple plant is an edible herb from the Mediterranean. Eating it is said to give courage and determination. Plus, it tastes like cucumbers.


DAISY: A family of flowers featuring more than twenty thousand species in every color you can possibly imagine. The most commonly familiar Daisies are yellow at the middle with white petals. 


DANDELION: These can be used to make wine, and the flowers are often used in salads. The taste can be somewhat bitter. Search the net for Dandelion recipes. Do NOT eat the stems.


GARDENIA: A fragrant blossom that is often plucked and floated, petal-side-up, in a large, shallow bowl of fresh water. Makes a surprisingly sweet natural air freshener.


HIBISCUS: The large, soft, trumpeted petals from this fragrant flower are a popular ingredient in herbal teas. Hibiscus flowers can be white, pink, red, orange, purple or yellow. 


HYACINTH: Cultivated from bulbs, these many-colored beauties are best known for their appealing signature fragrance.

HYDRANGEA: A flowering shrub extraordinarily popular for its generous clusters of fluffy, powder-blue blossoms. 

IRIS: This flower is famous for its striking color contrast. Deep electric-blue petals with a shock of bright yellow toward the stem. The Iris was popularized by Vincent Van Gogh, among others. 

LILY: These visual delights are one of the stinkier (in a good way) floral selections. Lilies have long been popular as a natural air freshener, and are often used in funeral homes for that purpose. 


MAGNOLIA: The official state flower of Louisiana, this hardy blossom grows on trees of up to thirty feet in height. Often included landscape design. 

NASTURTIUM: America's most popular edible flower, nasturtiums prefer dry, rocky soil, and a mixture of shade and sunlight.

Nasturtiums add a spicy, peppery kick to salads, and the buds can be pickled and eaten like capers. The lovely round leaves and crunchy stems are also edible.

According to any dictionary of flowers, nasturtiums are easy to grow, and emit a subtle, pleasing fragrance. 


ORCHID: Popularly used in corsages for formal events.


ROSE: Probably the world's most popular flower, according to almost any dictionary of flowers. Roses are fragrant, edible, visually appealing, and available in many thousand colors and varieties. 


STAR JASMINE: These pretty white miniature floral specimens give off an exceptionally sweet fragrance.  They are easy to grow and lend a lovely decorative effect to exterior walls and fences.


SUNFLOWER: A giant member of the Daisy family. Popular varieties reach heights of eight or ten feet, with thick stems up to four inches in diameter. The seeds (ripe when they turn black and fall off) are often enjoyed as a snack.


TULIP: The perfect floral gift for people not so fond of fragrant blooms. Tulips are bulb-cultivated, brightly colored flowers with little or no floral scent. Typically blooming just after the Crocuses, Tulips are most appreciated for adding a splash of vibrant color to early spring.


VIOLET: Found in almost any Dictionary of Flowers, the color of a violet is a distinct combination of pink, purple and blue. The Violet shares its name with a band of the rainbow, which matches the flower's hue most closely. Violets are a popular edible favorite. 

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