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For Free Dot To Dot Printables, print the examples shown on this page.

The picture shown above represents Earth's main energy source.

Connect The Dots is a puzzle game in which dots are numbered, then connected in numerical order. The end result should be a recognizable picture.

In vernacular English, when adults use the phrase "Connect the Dots," they are often referring to correctly associating images and thoughts to form a main idea.

In psychology, Connect The Dots puzzles are sometimes used for measuring cognitive development. 

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image above:

Dots have more purposes than most people realize.

In mathematics, a point in space is represented by a dot, as is a decimal point. 

In physics drawings, a dot represents a particle.

In written English, a dot is called a period, and signifies the end of a sentence.

Here's how to make your own Dot To Dot Printables: 

1.  print out any outlined picture you like.

2.  White out most of each line of the drawing, except for a dot indicating where the line will change direction.

3. Carefully number the dots as you proceed.

4. Test your result by connecting the dots yourself.

image below:

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