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This page features Easter Basket Ideas and links to other Easter holiday items.

Traditional Easter symbols are of two types. Commercial Easter symbols include eggs, chicks, bunnies and various flowers.

But there are also a number of religious images associated with this holiday. These include crosses, goblets, doves, lilies and stained glass windows.

Traditional Easter color schemes include white and yellow, as well as pastel colors like pale blue, pale green, and pink.

Here are some fresh, creative, eco-friendly ways to make truly unique and much appreciated Easter gift baskets:

1) The basket itself is part of the gift, so make it work!

*** For a cooking enthusiast (or anyone who just loves food), make a batch of dough and fashion a bread basket like the one shown below.

*** For coffee lovers, it's easy to make a mini Easter basket from a recycled Starbucks coffee cup (shown above with Maple Leaf cookies inside).

2) To line an Easter basket, use fresh grasses, bark, pretty weeds and wild flowers or other organic materials instead of the usual shredded green cellophane.

3) Fill your Easter basket NOT with fattening candy and sugary treats, but with thoughtful gifts appropriate to the recipient.


*** A writer might appreciate cool stationery, post-it note pads and colored pens or pencils.

*** For a gardener, fill the basket with seed packets and bulbs, or maybe a potted plant.

*** What sports enthusiast could possibly resist a basket full of sports memorabilia (lined with Astro turf, perhaps?), maybe even containing coveted tickets to a local event.

*** For children, fill the basket with cute, small inexpensive items like trading cards, stickers, temporary tattoos, key chains and other trinkets.

Click any of the links below for more Easter ideas including baskets, coloring pages and free printable Easter images.

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