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Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, which Christians believe occurred on the third day after his crucifixion around AD 33.

Traditional Easter symbols are of two types.

  1. Commercial Easter symbols include eggs, chicks, bunnies and various flowers.
  2. Religious images associated with this holiday include crosses, goblets, doves, lilies and stained glass windows.

Traditional Easter color schemes include white and yellow, as well as pastel colors like pale blue, pale green, and pink, but you can color your Easter Coloring Pages any way you like. 


Easter is a Christian holiday that correlates with the Jewsih Passover week. Both occur around the same time of year and both are represented by some of the same symbols.

In Christian tradition, Easter is a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. In the Jewish tradition, Passover is a celebration of new life or rebirth.

To Christians, decorated easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus due to his resurrection.

For Jewish people, the egg is a religious symbol of rebirth. It amounts to the same thing. In fact, early Easter baskets were made to look like birds' nests.

In ancient Egypt, the symbol that represented new life was the Rabbit.

Easter always falls some time between March 22nd and April 25th.

Dates of Easter and Passover

YEAR              EASTER                 PASSOVER

2013              May 5th             March 26th

2014              April 20th          April 15th

2015              April 12th          April 4th

2016              May 1st             April 23rd

2017              April 16th          April 11th

2018              April 8th            March 31st

2019              April 28th          April 20th

2020              April 19th          April 9th

2021              April 4th            March 26th

2022              April 17th          April 14th

2023              April 9th            April 4th

2024              March 31st        April 21st

2025              April 20th          April 11th

2026              April 5th            March 31st

2027              March 28th        April 20th

2028              April 16th          April 9th

2029              April 1st            March 29th

2030              April 21st          April 16th

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