Easy Origami
Instructions And Diagrams

image: newmentor.com

This page features two Easy Origami creations, with visual instructions and diagrams included.  

Origami is an ancient art of paper folding, and is strongly associated with Japanese culture.  

Traditional Japanese origami dates back as far as the early 17th century.  

An origami creation is typically made from a single square sheet of paper. 

Traditional origami designs involve no cutting, no glue, no tape, and no markings. 

The only manipulation allowed is folding.   

Shown above is a simple Origami Rose.

Shown below is a simple Origami Ninja Star.  


Follow these instructions, using the diagram shown above.

1. Make the creases shown here.

2. Form the 4 corners.

3. Flatten the sheet of paper, while rotating it counter-clockwise.

4. Turn the sheet of paper over.

5. Make the rose 3-dimensional by taking each top right corner and folding to next quadrant, counter clockwise.

6. Form rose by cupping it in the palm of your hand.

7. Turn the rose over and smooth it on the inside, by pressing down slightly at the base.

8. Fold down the edges and tuck them in to form the bottom of the rose.

9. Turn the rose over, open the centre of flower, and smooth it out.

10. Roll the petals down to give them a gentle curve.

More Easy Origami Instructions

image: origamihowto.tumblr.com


The slick looking Ninja Star is a wildly popular origami creation. The Ninja star is not only easy to make, but serves many purposes.  

For example, you can stick them onto a backing and use them as part of an art form, or combine them to build sculptures, or throw them like little boomerangs.  

Follow the visual instructions shown above to make an Easy Origami Ninja Star.  

Suggestion:  Glue 2 of these together to make an 8-pointed Ninja star.  

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