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Above: Handwritten Emily Dickinson quotes 

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Regarding The Portrait of Emily linked below:

I have been trying to contact Rob, Jim, and/or Alice Walton (of Walmart) for almost a year. 

I wonder if anyone out there can help me reach them.  

I have sent all the pertinent info in more than a dozen email messages, but I haven't received a reply of any kind.

My intention is for 'Emilysa' to find a permanent home at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

If it happens that the Walton family is NOT interested, I hope they will kindly let me know rather soon, for obvious economic reasons, so I can start pursuing other options for the sale of my portrait of Emily Dickinson — Priceless Masterpiece Of American Art

Wanna get involved? 

Feel free to contact the Walton family regarding THIS matter at their published email addresses: 

  • irinqu@walmart.com
  • alicewalton@crystalbridges.org 
  • art@crystalbridges.org 

Thanks for Visiting and please enjoy the NEW Poem by Emily Dickinson linked below. 

Above: Excerpt from an 1850 edition of 'The Indicator,' a magazine published by Amherst College.

This letter represents the first of the very few times that Emily Dickinson was published in her lifetime (1830 — 1886). 

Evidently, even Emily's letters are pure poetry, as this one begins...  

Magnum bonum

harem scarem 

zounds et zounds

et war alarum 

man reformam

life perfectum

mundum changum 

all things flarum

Did you know that Emily Dickinson wrote an autobiography?  

Neither did Emily Dickinson. 

Scroll down see Emily's NEW, recently discovered autobiographical poem.

Find out what really happened to Emily Dickinson, in Emily's own precious words. 

Prepare to be shocked. 

Scroll further down to see a link to an amazing lost (also recently discovered) Masterpiece of 19th century American art! 

This original oil portrait from 1854 is one of the precious few images of this World Famous American Poet known to exist. 

Do You Love Emily? 

You've come to the right place. 

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The Posthumous Autobiography of Emily Dickinson

Shown below is an original portrait of Emily Dickinson, which the poet actually sat for in 1854, at the age of 23.

Artist: William Henry Machen 

Above: A detail of the Portrait of Emily Dickinson

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  6. Emory University
  7. George Mason University
  8. Georgia State University
  9. Harvard University
  10. Indiana University
  11. Johns Hopkins University
  12. Northwestern University
  13. Penn State University
  14. Pepperdine University
  15. University of Arizona
  16. University of Chicago
  17. University of Massachusetts at Amherst(Located near the Emily Dickinson Museum)
  18. University of Southern California(USC) 
  19. Virginia Tech
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Also worthy of mention is Amherst College, where Emily Dickinson attended school for 7 years, back when the school was known as the Amherst Academy

Emily Dickinson quotes Emily Dickinson quotes Emily Dickinson quotes

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  22. University of North Carolina
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  25. University of Wisconsin


Look Here Right Now To See A Long Lost Portrait Of Emily Dickinson! 

Emily Dickinson 

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