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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



PACK SACK: Another word for backpack. 

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PAGRI: The word for turban in India

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PAINTED HEEL: A heel that is painted to match the upper part of the shoe.  

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PAITHANI: A type of sari made from very fine silk, named after the town where they are hand woven.  

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PAISLEY: An ornate, swirled teardrop design often used in quilts, curtains, shirts, sleepwear, and on high fashion runways, as shown below. 

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PAJAMAS: Primarily refers to sleepwear, but pajamas are occasionally worn as a streetwear fashion complete with fashion accessories. 

Above image credit: kimberlyakinola.wordpress.ocm

PALATINE: A type of fur stole. 

Shown below, a Swansdown swan feather palatine stole, circa 1825. 

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PALAZZO PANTS: Light women's trousers with an extremely wide leg. 

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PALETTE: The set of colors and shades that comprise an ensemble. 

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PANAMA: A light wide-brimmed hat, originally from Ecuador, but often spotted among the fashion accessories of American celebrities. 

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PANNIER: A wide underskirt stretched over metal hoops to form a hoop skirt, a popular 18th century fashion. 

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PANNE: A lustrous fabric that gets its sheen from heavy roller pressure. 

Shown below, a panne cascade tie skirt. 

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PANTALOONS: A kind of baggy trousers gathered at the ankles, somewhat like harem pants. 

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PANTONE: An American corporation known for its color matching system, which applies to many industries, including fashion. 

Shown below, Pantone's fashion palette for the fall of 2017. 

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PARACHUTE DRESS: A dress with so much material in the skirt that it appears as if it could be used as a parachute. 

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PARASOL: A small, lightweight ladies' sun umbrella, sometimes made of paper. 

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PARIS FASHION WEEK: A world famous fashion event held each year in Paris, France. 

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PARKA: A heavy, hooded winter coat with closed cuff sleeves and a fur lining around the hood. 

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PASHMINA: Similar to cashmere, a fabric made from the soft hair of pashmina goats. 

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PATCHWORK: Assorted fabrics cut into geometric shapes, then sewn together as on big piece. The technique is most often used for making quilts, but other ideas are shown below. 

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PATKA: A small piece of cloth wrapped around the head. Primarily worn by Sikh boys and men. 

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PATTERN: A set of instructions and technical drawings that fashion designers use when making a garment. 

Shown below, a collection of costume sewing patterns. 

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PEACH SKIN: A soft, fuzzy fabric finish resulting from sanding or chemical application. 

Shown below, a pastel pink peach skin mini skirt. 

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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style


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