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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



WADDING: A light, fluffy material used in padding, stuffing, upholstery, and puffy coats, for instance. 

above image credit: doresuwe.com

WAFFLE: A honeycombed texture on woven or knit fabric. 

Shown below, this gorgeous model wears a coral waffle top with three-quarter button-down sleeves. 

above image credit: Pinterest.com

WAISTCOAT: A men's fitted vest, meant to be worn under an outer garment. 

Above image credit: dhgate.com

WALE: A column of loops that extends the entire length of the fabric. 

Above image credit: slideplayer.com

WARP: The vertical threads in a fabric or on a loom. 

Above image credit: theweavingloom.com

WATER PROOF: refers to any material that cannot be penetrated by liquid. Another term used is water-resistant.

Latex and vinyl are excellent materials to make water proof fashions such as raincoats, boots, or the skirt shown here. 

Above image credit: scoopnest.com

WATTEAU PLEAT: A box pleat at the back of a dress or gown, extending from the shoulders to the hem. Popular in 18th century ladies' fashion and style. 

Above image credit: deskgram.net

WEARABLE ART: Clothes designed for visual effect, but able to be worn on a moving human form.

Not necessarily designed for daily activities, but perfect for runway fashion and style. 

above image credit: artteca.com

WEAVE: A fabric production technique that involves interlacing warp and weft strands or threads together.

The term also pertains to hair extensions. 

Above image credit: beautyforever.com

WEDDING DRESS: Generally refers to an elegant, sometimes ornate floor length dress, traditionally worn by brides. 

Above image credit: bridalreflections.com

WEDGE HEEL: A platform heel where all of the space under the foot if filled in. 

Above image credit: fsjshoes.com

WEFT: The horizontal threads in a fabric or on a loom. 

Above image credit: theweavingloom.com

WELLINGTONS: A type of rubber rain boot, also known as wellies.

These boots are available in enough colors and designs to suit anyone's fashion and style. 

Above image credit: eBay.ie

WELT POCKET: A slitted interior pocket, usually constructed where no seaming is available to allow for any other inside-the-garment pocket styles. 

Welt pockets often appear on the backs of mens trousers, for instance. 

Shown below, a welt pocket polo shirt. 

Above image credit: zmogusdeze.lt

WHIPCORD: A heavy twill fabric, somewhat like gabardine. Typically used for making outer garments. 

Shown below, a vintage whipcord top coat looks elegant paired with a black pencil midi and long black gloves. 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

WHISKERS: Creases in a garment at the hip and upper thigh.

This feature, although not always welcome, is sometimes deliberately added to jeans, to give them a more aged (distressed) look. 

above image credit: aliexpress.com

WIDE LEG: Pants that are extra roomy in the legs. Shown below, 5 ways to fashion and style wide leg pants. 

above image credit: newwomanindia.com

WIFE BEATER: A slang term for a sleeveless white cotton men's undershirt. 

These days, wife beater tank tops are a thing. 

above image credit: pormaproblems.wordpress.com

above image credit: fashionbyhe.com

WIG: A fitted headpiece designed to resemble hair, often made from real human hair, but in some cases synthetically manufactured. 

above image credit: sensationnel.com

WINDBREAKER: A light but weather-resistant outer jacket. 

above image credit: fashionnova.com

WING COLLAR: A high, stiff shirt collar turned down at the corners. 

above image credit: Pinterest.com

WOOL: A popular textile derived mainly from the hair of a sheep. 

above image credit: youtube.com

above image credit: thehoneycombers.com

WORSTED: Wool that is woven from firmly twisted yarns, resulting in a smoother surface. 

Shown below, a lady wears a double breasted worsted wool coat with brass buttons. 

above image credit: Pinterest.com

WRAP DRESS: A dress that hugs the waistline by wrapping across the front of the body and fastening on one side. This versatile dress style is somewhat adjustable to fit many different sizes. 

Shown below, wrap dresses by Diane von Furstenberg. 

above image credit: blogs.nordstrom.com

WRISTBAND: A cotton, leather, or synthetic band that is worn on the wrist like a bracelet. 

above image credit: stylegirlfriend.com



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