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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



IAEDRYUN: A short jacket with ample embroidery, originally from western India. 

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IKAT: A manual weaving style that originated in Southeast Asia. It involves dyeing fibers before the fabric is manufactured. 

Shown below, ikat print outfits by Oscar de la Renta. 

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ILLUSION: A sheer silk or nylon netted fabric, typically used for bridal wear and skating costumes. 

Below, this model wears a wedding dress with an illusion neckline. 

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IMBERLINE: A woven fabric featuring colored stripes and gold thread, often used in curtains. 

Shown below, an 18th century imberline dress. 

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INDIGO: A synthetic, dark blueish fabric dye, originally derived from the indigo plant. 

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INGRAIN: Yarn that is spun from a combination of different fibers, resulting in irregular colors and textures. 

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INSEAM: The seam on the inner part of a pant leg, measured from the crotch to the hem. 

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INSERTED POCKET:  A pouch stitched inside the garment, and attached to a straight seam. 

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INTARSIA: A knit fabric with colorful geometric designs appearing on certain parts of the garment. 

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INTERFACING AND INTERLINING: The fabric used between the inner and outer layers of a garment, to enhance warmth, strength, shape, and/or appearance. 

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INTERLOCK: A double-face, closely knit rib fabric.

Shown below, an asymmetrical interlock dress. 

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IRIDESCENT: The quality of a fabric that changes color with different viewing angles. 

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IRISH LACE: Refers to any lace fabric made in Ireland. 

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IRISH LINEN: A fine fabric woven in Ireland from pure flax yarn. 

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IRREGULAR HEMLINE: A hemline measuring different lengths from the waistline. For instance, a dress can be shorter in the front and longer at the back. 

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ISIAGU: A dashiki-like pullover shirt with a particular fabric print pattern, worn by the Igbo people. Isiagu literally means "lion head." 

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ITALIAN HEEL: A type of long, thin high heel on certain women's shoes. Also known as a Stiletto heel. 

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IZAR: A type of drawstring trousers, typically worn by Muslim men. 

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IZOD: An American fashion brand. 

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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style


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