This page features all you need to know about fashion, from fashion designer bags and accessories to runway styles, to fashion trends, international designs, and more.  

This book provides a visual list of tools, textiles, wearable art, and all things fashion, from bygone times to the present day, and from all over the world. 

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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



POLO SHIRT: A casual, sporty cotton shirt with top buttons and a turn down collar. 

Shown below, an eclectic blend of polo shirts. 

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POLYESTER: A strong, synthetic, fast-drying, wrinkle-resistant, multi purpose textile used for all types of garments, and is a key element of fashion designer bags. 

Polyester blends well with many fibers, especially cotton. 

Shown below, this lady's little black polyester mini dress makes an elegant fashion statement. 

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POMPADOUR HEELA type of heel that, when viewed in profile, the front edge of the heel slopes slightly forward, while the rear edge has an hourglass curve. Also known as a Louis heel. 

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PONCHO: A warming, sleeveless outer garment pulled over the head like a sweater. 

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PONGEE: A nubbed, woven fabric used for dresses, blouses, and inner linings.  

Shown below, a gathered silk pongee V-neck blouse. 

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PONTE DI ROMA: A type of reversible knitted fabric, often used in garment manufacturing. 

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POODLE CLOTH: A fluffy cloth of thick knotted yarn, resembling the fur of a French poodle. 

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POODLE SKIRT: A mid calf length ladies' skirt (usually pink) with a poodle appliqué. This skirt style was virally popular in the 1950s. 

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POPCORN FABRIC: A knit or woven fabric that features irregular nubs suggesting popcorn.  

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POPLIN: A durable fabric with ribs that run crosswise. 

Shown below, a hi-lo button up poplin shirt. 

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PRADA: A famed maker of high end fashion designer bags. 

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PRE-SHRUNK: Fabric already shrunken during the manufacturing process, to reduce unwanted shrinkage later on. The term most often applies to tee shirts and other wash-and-wearables. 

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PRÊT-A-PORTER: Factory made, ready-to-wear garments. In other words, a wardrobe. 

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PRINCESS SEAMS: Tapered seams up the side of a garment to create a curvier, more tailored fit. 

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PRINT: A permanent design affixed onto fabric during the manufacturing process. 

Below, models wearing animal print fashions. 

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PRISM HEEL: A cone-shaped heel, such as the Givenchy design shown below. 

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PUCKER: A blistered or puffed appearance on the surface of a fabric. 

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PUFF SLEEVE: A roomy, lightweight, over wide sleeve closed tightly at the wrist, so the sleeve maintains a puffed appearance. 

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PULLOVER: A stretchy knit cotton sweater or dress that is worn by pulling it on over the head. 

Shown below, a little black pullover hoodie dress, ready when you are. 

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PUMPS: A simple ladies' heeled slip-on shoe style, closed at the back, front, and sides. 

Shown below, vegan leather nude pumps. 

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PURL STICTH: A type of stitch used in knitting to create a ribbed effect. 

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PUSH UP BRA: A support bra that pushes the breasts upward and inward, accentuating the cleavage. 

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PUSH UP JEANS: Jeans made with spandex to lift and shape the derriere. 

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