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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



HABIT: A type of headscarf, primarily worn by nuns. 

Below: Audrey Hepburn as Sister Luke, and a runway model wearing a habit-inspired fashion by Yves St. Laurent. 

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HABOTAI: A lightweight silk fabric from Japan, popular for making summer fashion dresses and other lightweight garments. 

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HAIR SLIDE: A type of hinged hair clip with a curved backing. 

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HALF JACKET: A short jacket, typically extending just down to the natural waistline. 

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HALTER: A sleeveless, backless dress or top that fastens behind the neck, with straps of any size and any closure. 

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HAMMERED SATIN: A satin fabric with a surface texture suggesting hammered metal. 

Below, a model struts the runway in a stunning, cream color, hammered satin top. 

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HANDKERCHIEF: A large square of thin, hemmed fabric, meant to be folded and placed in a suit pocket.

Larger handkerchiefs can become fashion dresses, as shown below. 

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HANK: A cluster of strands, such as hair or yarn. 

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HAREM PANTS: Light, very loose fitting silk pants with tapered cuffs, like the ones worn by cartoon genies. 

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HARLEQUIN: A graphic design characterized by diamond shapes in no less than three contrasting colors. 

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HARPER'S BAZAAR: One of America's leading fashion magazines. 

Below, actor Margot Robbie (star of I, Tonya) is featured on the cover of a recent issue. 

above image credit:

HARRIS TWEED: A hand woven wool tweed fabric from Scotland. 

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HASP: A hinged metal closure secured by a pin, a bolt, or a padlock.  

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HAUTE COUTURE: A term referring to high fashion. Literally, French for "Up Culture." 

Shown below, a 2019 design by Jean Paul Gaultier. 

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HAVERSACK: A large carry bag with a single shoulder strap. 

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HAWAIIAN SHIRT: A short sleeved, button down collared shirt of lightweight cotton, typically printed in bold tropical colors featuring flowers, palm trees, and/or ocean waves. 

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HEADBAND: A closed circle of elasticized cotton, most often worn around the forehead. 

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HEADPIECE: A decorative fashion statement designed to fit on the head, but serving no practical purpose. 

Shown below, "fascinators" and fashion dresses worn by royals and their wedding guests. 

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HEADSCARF: A scarf worn on the head like a hat, covering the hair. Typically tied at the side or the back. A hijab is a type of headscarf. 

Below, models wear designs from Dolce & Gabbana's first ever high fashion hijab collection. 

above image credit:

HEMP: A natural fiber often used in making rope, but sometimes blended with other fibers for fashion dresses and other designs. 

Shown below, the Bad Decision Adventure Club models its eco-friendly, unisex, hemp blend fashions. 

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HENNA: A dark reddish dye used mainly for hair color and temporary tattoos. 

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