This book features virtually every style, design, and fabric in the fashion industry.

It contains a visual list of tools, textiles, and wearable designs, both past and present, and from all over the world.

Each term in this full color fashion glossary is accompanied by crisp, clear image. 

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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



BEANIE: A round, seamed cap, sometimes with a button or a hole at the center, worn on the crown of he head. 

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BEAVER CLOTH: A soft, heavy wool fabric with a deep nap, commonly used for making overcoats. 

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BEDFORD CORD: A woven fabric showing rounded cords, with sunken lines between them. Most often seen in trousers, hats, and uniforms. 

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BEEHIVE: A high-styled hairdo that was fashionable in the 60s, and more recently popularized by Amy Winehouse. 

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BEETLING: A finishing process where the fabric is pounded to create a surface sheen. 

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BELL BOTTOMS: Long pants with a wide flare at the lower leg. 

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BELLIES (WOOL): The coarse wool that comes from the underbelly of a sheep. 

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BEMBERG: A particular brand of rayon. 

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BENGALINE: A durable fabric with a cord-like texture, most often used for upholstery and drapes. However, bengaline has found its way into the clothing fashion industry as well. 

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BERET: A soft, round, flat-topped hat, usually made of cotton or wool. 

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BERMUDA SHORTS: Long, roomy shorts, often featuring bright colors and loud print designs. 

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BIAS CUT: A diagonal cut across the grain of a fabric. 

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BINDI: A small, usually round decoration, affixed to the forehead. 

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BISHT: A long Middle Eastern cloak trimmed in gold, and worn over a thawb. The bisht is also known as a mishlah

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BLANKET ROBE: A blanket with sleeves to be worn like a robe, but neither tied nor fastened. 

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BLANKET STITCH: A sewing technique in which each stitch is looped through the previous stitch. Often used on thick textiles where a hem would be too bulky. 

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BLAZER: A long-sleeved sports jacket, usually (though not always) featuring a lapel collar. 

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BLEACHING: A whitening technique that works roughly the same in the fashion industry as anywhere else. Bleach basically removes the color from anything it touches. 

Below, Olivia Palermo bleached a black dress to create a unique leopard print effect. 

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BLEND: A combination of two or more fibers in the same piece of fabric. 

The fabrics shown below are a cotton-linen blend. 

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BLIND STITCH: A sewing technique in which the thread is virtually hidden from view, such as in the ladder stitching shown below. 

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BLOCKING: The construction process of joining large, contrasting pieces of fabric together. The pieces are usually cut into basic geometric shapes such as squares or rectangles.

In the fashion industry, this technique is also known as color blocking

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BLOUSON: A light overcoat drawn at the waist. 

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BOATNECK: A neckline that is wide, shallow, and scooped at the front and back. 

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BODICE: The part of a garment that covers the body from neck to waistline.

Shown below are some of the types of bodices known by designers in the fashion industry. 

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BOGOLAN: A handmade African cotton fabric, typically dyed with mud. 

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BOLERO JACKET: A short, above the waist jacket, usually open at the front. 

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BOLO TIE: A piece of braided leather with metal aglets and an adjustable clasp. Popular in fashion of the American west, among other locales. 

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BOLT: A large piece of fabric, typically between 30 and 100 yards in length, and 45 to 60 inches wide.

Bolts are either sold by the yard, or purchased by fashion industry designers who want to buy fabric in bulk to cut costs. 

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BOMBER JACKET: A warm, insulated jacket that was originally intended for pilots to wear while flying, but has since found its way into the mainstream fashion industry.  

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BONNET: A soft head covering with a brim at the front and a string that ties under the chin. 

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BOOT CUT: The name of a certain leg width in pants and jeans that are designed to be worn over boots. 

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BOOTIE: A soft shoe that covers the foot up to the ankle bone. 

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BOTANICAL: A print motif suggesting or resembling plant life. 

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BOURDELOU: A decorative band that fits around the base of the crown of a hat. 

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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style


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