This handy guide covers everything you might find in a fashion magazine.  

Find out about fashion terms and fashion designs from all over the world. 

Each term in this fashion glossary is accompanied by full color photo. 

It's a comprehensive visual list of fashion design, tools, textiles, wearable art and more, from bygone times to the present day. 

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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



DACRON: A brand of polyester fiber made by DuPont. it is useful for making sails for sailboats, but Dacron blends have appeared in many a fashion magazine. 

Shown below, a model looks chilly in her twilight blue Dacron mini dress. 

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DAISY DUKES: Extremely short denim cut-off shorts, popularized by a TV show called The Dukes of Hazard

Above image credit:

DAMASK: A heavy, reversible fabric from Syria, often used for drapes and upholstery, but occasionally spotted on the fashion magazine rack at your local bookstore.  

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DASHIKI: An upper garment of African design, often featuring bright, colorful patterns. 

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DARNING STITCH: A sewing technique used for repairing holes and worn fabric. 

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DART: The tucking of fabric into a V-shape, in order to form fit the garment. Typically used at the bust line, shoulders, waist, and hips. 

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DEBURRING: The process of removing imperfections from wool.

Shown below, a handful of sheep's wool before (left) and after (right) the deburring process. 

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DECO: A style that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s, typically featuring bold outlines and soft pastel colors. Also known as Art Deco

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DÉCOLLETTÉ: A plunging V-neckline that ends below the bust. 

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DELAINE: A lightweight, high grade French fabric made form combed wool. 

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DENIM: A strong, durable cotton fabric, most frequently used for bags, jackets, and jeans. 

Below, Jennifer Lopez does her own take on the baggy pants fashion craze with a pair of thigh high denim boots. 

Above image credit:

DENIM STRETCH: Denim blended with spandex to create elasticity. 

Below, model Niina Hamari strikes a denim stretch pose for a fashion magazine. 

Above image credit:

DERBY: A hard felt cap with a rounded crown, also known as a bowler hat.

Shown below, an image from Vogue fashion magazine shows a model in an oversized derby. 

Above image credit:

DEVANTIRE: A woman's riding garment, recognizable by being split at the back. 

Below, a lady wears a navy devantire riding jacket. 

Above image credit:

DHOTI: A traditional Indian garment consisting of a large piece of unstitched cloth draped over the lower body.  

Below, Shilpa Shetty rocks the Dhoti style. 

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DIAMOND NECK: A diamond shaped cutout closure that fastens at the front or back of the neckline. Shown below, two diamond neck designs from a fashion magazine. 

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DINNER JACKET: A dressy jacket meant to be worn at an upscale dinner table. 

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DISTRESSED: Having a deliberately aged or worn appearance.

Shown below, three celebrity damsels in distressed. Who wore it best? 

Above image credit:

DISTRICT CHECK: A fabric print from Scotland consisting of small check patterns. 

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DOBBY: A type of fabric with a pattern woven into the surface.  

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DOESKIN: A soft fabric with a low napped finish on one side. Shown below, a doeskin mini skirt. 

Above image credit:

DOLMAN SLEEVE: A long sleeve that is wide at the armhole and narrow at the wrist. In a typical fashion magazine, the dolman sleeve is called a batwing sleeve

Above image credit:

DOMINO STITCH: A sewing technique consisting of a series of slanted parallel stitches. 

Shown below, a domino stitched knitted blanket. 

Above image credit:

DONEGAL: A type of woven fabric with colored flecks. 

Above image credit:

DONKEY JACKET: A short button-down coat, usually made of wool. 

Above image credit:

D'ORSAY SHOE: Any lady's dress shoe with the upper portion cut away on one or both sides. 

Below, a red patent leather half d'orsay shoe from Neiman Marcus. 

Above image credit:

DOTTED SWISS: A fabric featuring a uniform pattern of raised dots.  

Above image credit:

DOUBLE-BREASTED: A jacket with one half of the front overlapping the other, often featuring a double row of buttons and a single row of buttonholes. 

Above image credit:

DOUBLE KNIT: A sturdy, warm fabric in which two strands of material are woven together. 

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DRAPING: A quality pertaining to the way in which a fabric rests on a dress form, or on a model in a fashion magazine.  

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DRAWSTRING: A cord or string sewn inside a waistline and fastened by tying the ends together. 

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DROP STITCH: A striped design achieved by removing some of the needles during the production of a knitted garment. 

Above image credit:

DROP WAIST: A low-slung waistline that hangs around the hips. 

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DRY CLEAN: To clean fabrics using an organic solvent, as opposed to laundry soap. 

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DUCK CLOTH: A heavy duty, water-resistant, canvas-like fabric, often used for tarps and protective clothing. 

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DUFFEL BAG: A cylindrical canvas bag, typically with a drawstring closure, but some duffel bags have zippers. Also called a gym bag

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DUNGAREES: The jeans or trousers part of bib overalls. 

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DUPIONI SILK: Silk fibers derived from the cocoon of two silkworms. The dual spinning creates uneven yarns that give the fabric its crisp, textural appeal. 

Shown below, an orange sari of dupioni silk. 

Above image credit:

DUSTER: A long, light, open jacket, typically featuring a button closure. 

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DUVETYN: A soft, weighty, twill fabric with a short nap and a velvety texture. 

Shown below, a Cristobal Balenciaga duvetyn coat from his fall collection of 1950. 

above image credit:



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