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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



CHEESECLOTH: A soft, sheer woven fabric, often used for straining liquids, but sometimes used in fashion. 

Shown below, an embroidered cheesecloth dress. 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

CHEMISE: An unbelted dress with an undefined waistline and sleeves of any length. 

Above image credit: thereformation.com

CHENILLE: A soft, fluffy cotton or acrylic yarn with a light sheen. Used like wool for knitting. 

Above image credit: popsugar.com

CHEONGSAM: A traditional high-collared, mid-calf length satin dress, often worn by Chinese women. Closes with a button or frog clasp near the shoulder. 

Above image credit: us.dresswe.com

CHESTERFIELD: A style of men's overcoat that was popular in the mid 1900s. 

Above image credit: lookastic.com

CHEVIOT: A rough wool fabric, originally made from the wool of cheviot sheep in Scotland. 

Above image credit: jostorieknits.com

CHEVRON: A graphic design displaying a zigzag or herringbone pattern. 

Above image credit: rebelliousfashion.com

CHIC: Fashionable or stylish. 

Above image credit: shortstoriesandskirts.com

CHIFFON: A sheer, lightweight fabric made from twisted crepe fibers. 

Above image credit: novashe.com

CHIKAN KARI: The embroidering of white cotton thread on fine white cotton or linen fabric. 

Above image credit: youtube.com

CHINCHILLA: A Chilean rodent appreciated for the softness of its fur, which has been used like mink for making coats and stoles. It takes about 60 chinchillas to make one fur coat. 

Chinchillas make much better pets than fashion style garments. 

Above image credit: boredpanda.com

CHINO: A twill fabric used for making Chino trousers. 

Above image credit: blinq.com

CHINOISERIE: An ancient decorative style from China, still used in today's textiles.  

Above image credit: vogue.com

CHINTZ: Glazed calico cloth printed with floral designs. 

Above image credit: friesmuseum.nl

CHINTZY: Looking cheaply made. 

Above image credit: vogue.com

CHITE: A type of painted linen, originally from India. 

Above image credit: quickr.com

CHOGAICHOGA: A loose, fancy, coat-like garment worn over another garment. The Chogaichoga is originally from Turkey, and traditionally used in ceremonial services. 

Above image credit: sweetcouch.com

CHOKER: A necklace that fits just around the base of the neck, without being snug. 

Above image credit: fadpig.com

CHOLI: A short upper garment revealing the midriff, in a traditional fashion style for women in India. 

Above image credit: sareeka.com

CIGARETTE PANT: A slim fashion style of pants, usually cut at or just above the ankle. 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

CIRCULAR KNIT: A fashion style created either by hand or on a circular knitting machine, which has knitting needles arranged in a circle. 

The result is a seamless tubular garment such as a tube top or an "infinity" scarf. 

Above image credit: guidepatterns.com

CLIP DOT: A textural design applied to woven fabric. 

Above image credit: urbanoutfitters.com

CLOAK: A long, hooded, cape-like outer garment that closes under the chin. 

Above image credit: oshoplive.com

CLOG: A chunky type of footwear with wood soles and heels. 

Above image credit: thenewyorker.com

CLUTCH: A small, strapless handbag meant to remain in the hand. The clutch purse is a popular fashion style at red carpet events and other elite gatherings. 

Above image credit: lsbags.co.uk

COAT DRESS: A tailored dress that buttons down the front like an overcoat. 

Above image credit: dhgate.com

COATEE: A short, military-style coat that terminates at the waistline. 

Shown below, a replica of the coatee worn by Napoleon. 

Above image credit: thehistorybunker.com

COCKADE: The ribbon tied into a round bow on a cocked hat.  

Above image credit: instructables.com

COCKED HAT: A style of hat with an upturned brim, popular in the 17th and 18th centuries.  

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

COCKTAIL DRESS: A fancy evening dress shorter than halfway between the hip and the knee. 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

COIF: 1. General term referring to a hairdo with a particular fashion style, also known as a coiffure. 2. A tight-fitting cap that covers the top, back, and sides of the head.   

Above image credit: huntresscanada.com



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