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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



HERRINGBONE: A zigzag twill weave pattern. Herringbone is one of many popular fashion trends today, in both men's and women's fashion designs. 

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HIDDEN PLATFORM: A platform shoe where material from the upper conceals the entire lower part of the shoe. 

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HIP BOOTS: High boots that reach all the way (or almost) to the hips. Also known as thigh-high boots

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HIP HUGGERS: Low-cut pants worn around the hips instead of the natural waistline. 

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HOGGETT WOOL: The first clippings from a sheep that was not shorn as a lamb. 

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HOLLAND CLOTH: A woven cotton or linen fabric with a stiff finish, often used for window shades. 

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HOLOGRAM: An apparently moving 3D image produced by a special laser technique. 

Shown below, five shining examples of holographic fashion trends today. 

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HOMESPUN: A coarse, loosely woven fabric that appears to have been woven by hand. 

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HONAN: A woven fabric of high quality, made from wild silk in Eastern China. 

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HONEYCOMB: Any fabric with a waffled or cellular texture or appearance. 

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HOODIE: A zipper down or pullover sweatshirt or jacket with a hood attached. 

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HOOK-AND-EYE CLOSURE: A type of garment fastener where a curved metal piece (hook) fits into a loop (eye).   

Shown below, a body con mini dress with hook and eye closures down the front. 

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HOOP SKIRT: A floor-length skirt with a structural underlining of wire hoops. 

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HOSIERY: Ultra thin, sheer elastic nylon fabric, fashioned into a skintight leg covering, and worn like pants or long socks. Also known as stockings and panty hose.

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HOUNDSTOOTH: A two-toned pattern featuring pointed shapes resembling canine teeth. 

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HUARIZO: A cross between a llama and an alpaca. 

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HUCKABACK: A soft, absorbent fabric with a honeycomb surface texture. 

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HUE: The shade and brightness of a pigment. 

Shown below, a Hue Wheel

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HURLUBERLU: A hairstyle that was popular in the 17th century, featuring short curls worn close to the scalp. 

Shown below, a 17th century young lady with a hurluberlu hairstyle (not a wig). 

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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style


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