Federal Income Tax Form Simplified

The Federal Income Tax Form 1099 was created in 1918 by the Internal Revenue Service.

It is used for reporting types of income other than wages, salaries, and tips.

For wages, salaries, and tips, a W-2 is the correct form to use when filing taxes.

Payments to independent contractors are recorded on a 1099 tax form, as are rental property income, capital gains income, gambling income, passive income, and pretty much any other income besides wages, salaries, and tips. 

There are a number of variants of the 1099 form, the most common one being the 1099-MISC (shown below), which details miscellaneous income for self employed individuals. 

To print out the 1099 shown above, simply save it to your image file. 

Other types of 1099 forms include:

The 1099-INT is for interest income.

The 1099-G is for government payments.

The 1099-H is for advance payments on health insurance.

The 1099-LTC is for long term care benefits. 

The 1099-R is for distributions from pensions and retirement plans for people over the age of 65, and for those who were granted an early retirement for whatever reason. 

The 1099-RRB is for payments made to former railroad employees by the Railroad Retirement Board. 

The 1099-S is for proceeds from real estate transactions.

The 1099-SSA form is for any social security benefits that were received the during previous year. 

All in all, there are currently 20 different Federal Income Tax Form 1099s. 

Federal Income Tax Form 1099

If you have any trouble printing out the 1099 form shown on this page, you can always Download a 1099 Form from the official IRS website. 

Or Go Here to find other IRS tax forms. 

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