by Judee Shipman



Despite Financial Wealth (or lack thereof), one recent statistical survey revealed that 53% of Americans regard themselves as “quite happy.” Another 39% describe themselves as “very happy,” with only about 8% of Americans claiming to be unhappy.

At the same time, fewer than 7% of American adults claimed financial satisfaction. 

For most people, health, wealth, and happiness are seen as three separate conditions. All to often, we find ourselves with more of one or less of another.

Here, you’ll see how easy it is to have all three. The road to health, financial wealth, and happiness is shorter and straighter than most of us may have imagined. 

This material is divided roughly into three sections (Health, Financial Wealth, and Happiness), and is explained in a way that shows how these coveted attributes can be viewed as three factors in the same equation. 

It takes nothing more than a simple psychological shift to optimize our health and grow our financial wealth.

Saving money is more important now than ever before. You don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of America’s ever-widening economic abyss. 

This book addresses the enormous quantities of energy, time, and money we waste on fruitless, isolated efforts to become (or remain) healthy, happy, and rich, not to mention buff.

As worthy as such goals may be, the problem is that most of us go about it the wrong way: We work out to stay fit, diet to stay trim, and seek huge lump sums to make us rich. 

We take too much for granted as we wait in vain for our ships to come in.

We allow our actions to be defined and dictated by the opinions of others.

None of this makes us happy in any lasting way. 

However, one thing most Americans seem to agree on is that we all wish we had more money.

In fact, roughly 16% of us live below the poverty line.

The solution to this problem is based largely on the power of the individual. It involves a more integrated lifestyle approach than the approaches most of us now follow. 

Anyone of any income who follows these simple steps will have a lot more money than they did before, as well as a marked improvement in muscle tone, nutrition, and overall health.

All of this can be accomplished without any major sacrifice, and without missing out on any of the things we like. 

One key point to remember is that success, whether physical, interpersonal, or financial, comes from bit by bit improvements, as opposed to winning lotteries.

Another notion to seriously consider is that energy is money, just as time is money.

A third important thing to think about is that the only way to attain financial wealth (for most of us, anyway) is to pay close attention to details, and think about making money almost all the time. 

Do not let others discourage you from doing this.

Keeping close track of money is not the same thing as being greedy or stingy. Anyone who tells you it is wrong or selfish to think a lot about money is intellectually limited, not to mention probably dead-ass broke. 

Throughout these pages, we will calculate just how much financial wealth you can expect to gain, and in just how short a time, by following these simple principles to the best of your ability. 

What constitutes financial wealth?

It depends on the attitude of who you ask. Wealth is whatever each of us thinks it is. 

One survey showed that 28% of America’s millionaires do not consider themselves wealthy.

At the same time, roughly 4 million people in America live on less than two dollars a day. These folks would probably consider themselves wealthy with a $500 windfall.  

So it seems that one man’s wealth is another man’s lunch money.

Basically, wealth is a term that can be loosely defined as “a whole lot more money than you had before.” 

But the true definition of infinite wealth is to have just enough.

Think about it for a moment: 

"Just enough" can be defined as just as much as you want, and just as much as you need.

So just enough is exactly the same thing as infinite wealth, because how can you possibly want more than you want, or need more than you need? 

Is a billion dollars what you want? Do you wish to be the richest man/woman on earth? If so, your problem is not money, but envy and greed, which are problems too big to be addressed here.

Our finances have nothing to do with other people’s finances, and earning a living is not a contest.

So what if Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet are billionaires and you’re not? 

Seriously, if two million dollars is not enough to keep you happy, you really do have a problem.

But here’s a solution: 

One way to be sure of getting what you want is to want less

But if you are a reasonable human being, follow these simple steps and consider yourself wealthy. 

Using the solid principles outlined here, even very low income individuals can have anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 stockpiled in the bank within just two years.

People of the vanishing middle class can reasonably expect to save between $25,000 and $50,000 within the same time period.

High earners within the lower 99% can save $100,000 or more. 

And if you are in that top 1%, you may now skip to the nutrition section, as you did not attain your lofty status by taking financial advice from me

If two years seems like a long time to you, look at it this way: Two years will pass just the same no matter what we do. So we might as well get rich.

However, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, or any kind of scam.

This approach requires a little bit of effort to achieve success, but mostly just encourages us to work smarter, not harder. 

This book puts forth a subtle, easily attainable lifestyle adjustment program that is guaranteed (yes, guaranteed) to make you significantly healthier, wealthier, and (probably) happier.

This can happen to some degree within as little as two years, and even more so over subsequent years. 

How is it guaranteed?

The guarantee is inherent in the simplicity of the approach.

It involves very little more than a slight shift in our way of thinking, although this may be easier for some of us than others.

In any case, read on and see for yourself that there is no reason why this plan won’t work for you, as long as you stick with the program. 

Your mindful attention to details is the only requirement.

Read on to see how almost anyone can enjoy better health and significantly increased wealth, without having to change too much of anything. 

If that doesn’t make you happy, nothing will. 


INTRODUCTION   (You Are Here) 

CHAPTER 1   (Wealth Through Exercise)

CHAPTER 2   (Fitness the Old Fashioned Way)

CHAPTER 3   (11 Common Exercise Myths)

CHAPTER 4   (Food List and Nutrition)

CHAPTER 5   (Healthy Weight Chart And More)

CHAPTER 6   (Alternative Health And Exercise)

CHAPTER 7   (How To Eat Whatever You Want)

CHAPTER 8   (10 Common Nutrition Myths)

CHAPTER 9   (How To Start Saving Money)

CHAPTER 10  (How To Keep Saving Money)

CHAPTER 11  (List of high paying Jobs)

CHAPTER 12  (Real Estate Investments) 

CHAPTER 13  (Stock Market Investments and More)

CHAPTER 14  (Wealth Building Strategies)

CHAPTER 15  (The Short Road To Happiness)

CHAPTER 16  (Spiritual Wealth)

CHAPTER 17  (Delicious Healthy Recipes)

CHAPTER 18  (More Recipes)

CHAPTER 19  (More Recipes)

CHAPTER 20  (More Recipes)

CHAPTER 21  (Sweet Treats YOU Deserve) 



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