Finding Nemo Coloring Pages: A Free Printable Collection

This page features free printable Finding Nemo Coloring Pages.


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Finding Nemo is an Academy-Award-winning Disney/Pixar animated film, originally released in 2003.


It tells the story of a Clownfish named Marlin, who frantically searches for his only son Nemo.

Nemo has been captured by a scuba diver, and is being held captive in a fish tank at a dentist's office.

With the help of his friend Dory, Marlin faces many dangerous situations, including being swallowed by a whale and getting nearly stung to death by a gang of mad Jellyfish. 

As a result of his adventure, the over-protective Marlin learns the gentle art of taking risks, as he struggles to bring his son safely home.

Who lives in an anemone under the sea? NEMO! That's who! 


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  1. A Yahoo search for "finding nemo" yields more than 33 million results.
  2. Finding Nemo first hit theatres in 2003.
  3. Finding Nemo won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.
  4. The voice of Nemo's friend Dori is the voice of comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.
  5. For several years, Finding Nemo was the biggest G-rated money maker of all time.
  6. Finding Nemo has inspired nine Disney theme park attractions all over the world.
  7. As of 2012, the movie review site called Rotten Tomatoes gives Finding Nemo positive reviews of ninety-eight percent from professional movie critics and eighty percent from the general public.
  8. There are 28 known species of Clownfish. They are found in the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea and the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
  9. Clownfish are actually poor swimmers (!), never venturing very far from the anemones in which they live.
  10. ANEMONE is pronounced a-NEM-a-nee.


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