by Judee Shipman



Here are some old style Fitness Tips:

Unless you are a professional athlete (or seriously training to become one), resist unnecessary spending on arbitrary exercise. In fact, resist unnecessary exercise altogether. 

Why not replace gyms, weights, and workouts with housework, yard work, or paid manual labor for 4-6 hours a week?

Jobs that involve constant, somewhat strenuous physical movement include house cleaning, landscaping, construction, and working on a loading dock, for instance. 

Not that these types of jobs are fun, but neither is pointless, repetitious motion on a metal contraption at the gym. Admit it. Your membership is costly, and you are only telling yourself that fitness machines are fun.

On the other hand, if you can secure paid physical labor, then someone is actually paying you to exercise, instead of the other way around. 

Read on for more natural Fitness Tips:

Some fitness enthusiasts will argue that they enjoy reading or listening to music while exercising on fitness machines. That’s all good, as long as those people never complain about not having enough money. 

As for the rest if us, if you don’t see any manual labor jobs listed in your area, you can always create one. Let’s face it: Unless you live in some remote Yukon wilderness, there are always a few labor jobs within a one-mile radius of your home. There is always someone who needs something done near you. Be proactive. 

Even people with no special skills can wash cars, walk dogs, clean homes, and mow lawns. Or make a batch of muffins and sell them door to door for a dollar apiece.

All of these endeavors are good ways to exercise, and also solid ways to make some extra cash. In other words, these are multi purpose Fitness Tips.

The possibilities of these Fitness Tips are limited only by your imagination. 

If you a high earner, you might have a housekeeper and/or a gardener already working for you. If so, you might consider reducing their hours and doing some of the work yourself. 

Generally accepted fitness tips among healthcare experts include that housework and yard work are the best kinds of exercise for muscle toning. This is because all of your muscles are being used, and so they all get evenly toned. 

Or you can use a fitness machine at the gym, which is designed to exercise only certain specific muscle groups, as a nearby gym employee gives you fitness tips. 

As for the money you were paying the hired help, hide it in a separate bank account and forget about it (for now). 

Still need a good cardio workout? You could save money on gym memberships and class fees with a good, old fashioned jump rope. However, that would also qualify as arbitrary exercise.

A smarter idea might be jogging to or from school or work. You had to go there anyway, right? While you’re at it, pick me up a loaf of bread. Thanks. 

Still need weight training? You can save money on barbells and gym memberships by lifting filled plastic water jugs but again, that would be arbitrary exercise.

A more multipurpose approach would be to get paid work doing heavy lifting such as construction, factory work, or even loading boxes onto a truck. 

There was a famous boxer in the 1930s named James J. Braddock. He was known as Cinderella Man, because his World Heavyweight title had seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere, and is still regarded as one of the greatest upsets in boxing history.

The man he defeated was Max Baer, a monstrous fighter who had grown up on a farm and didn't know his own strength. In fact, Max Baer had literally killed two men in the boxing ring. Max Baer was the defending world champion, and had become a very wealthy man. 

What happened was that, while Max Baer worked out at the fancy gym, flaunting his fancy clothes and driving fancy cars, Braddock, who had to support his family during the Great Depression, worked on a loading dock. 

Nobody saw James Braddock working on the dock. Meanwhile, Max Baer was photographed daily making a show of working out at the gym.


Whenever possible, pretend you don’t have access to a car (some of us don’t even have to pretend). Then wheel your laundry to the laundromat and back. Or take a walk to the grocery store, do all your weekly shopping, and exhaust yourself getting it all home. You can still do your banking and a lot of your shopping online. 

Get to know the public transportation in your area. Depending on your location, getting to the nearest bus stop can be useful cardiovascular exercise, especially when you’re running late. 


Working at any physical task for one continuous hour reaps better health benefits than one hour spent on any fitness machine.

There are many useful exercises you can do for one continuous hour each day. If you can’t go for one full hour, try slowing down the pace, or try two 30-minute segments. 

Among the best in-house muscle toning exercises are organizing attics and closets, washing floors and windows, painting walls, dusting ceiling fans, cleaning out garages, climbing stairs, raking leaves, and picking up trash.

Get paid for this work whenever possible. Whenever not, do it anyway. It’s exercise! 


INTRODUCTION   (You Are Here) 

CHAPTER 1   (Wealth Through Exercise)

CHAPTER 2   (Fitness the Old Fashioned Way)

CHAPTER 3   (11 Common Exercise Myths)

CHAPTER 4   (Food List and Nutrition)

CHAPTER 5   (Healthy Weight Chart And More)

CHAPTER 6   (Alternative Health And Exercise)

CHAPTER 7   (How To Eat Whatever You Want)

CHAPTER 8   (10 Common Nutrition Myths)

CHAPTER 9   (How To Start Saving Money)

CHAPTER 10  (How To Keep Saving Money)

CHAPTER 11  (List of high paying Jobs)

CHAPTER 12  (Real Estate Investments) 

CHAPTER 13  (Stock Market Investments and More)

CHAPTER 14  (Wealth Building Strategies)

CHAPTER 15  (The Short Road To Happiness)

CHAPTER 16  (Spiritual Wealth)

CHAPTER 17  (Delicious Healthy Recipes)

CHAPTER 18  (More Recipes)

CHAPTER 19  (More Recipes)

CHAPTER 20  (More Recipes)

CHAPTER 21  (Sweet Treats YOU Deserve) 



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