Free Printable Fraction Worksheets

Fraction Worksheets: This page features a set of twenty slightly harder fractions that are useful for teaching or practicing elementary math. 

Try reducing these multiple-digit fractions as far as they will go.

Then scroll down to see the answer key. 

To save or print these Free Printable Fraction Worksheets, simply right click on an image, and select a SAVE option from your drop down menu.

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A fraction is a number that represents any equal part of the number 1. The numeric value of a fraction is always somewhere between zero and one. 

Fractions can be represented in different ways.

Sometimes fractions are shown as two whole numbers separated by a slash (as in  1/3, for example).

In other cases, a fraction is represented using a decimal point (as in .33, for instance). 

For a free printable worksheet of easier reducible fractions, along with other scholastic worksheets, visit the links shown at the bottom of this page.

The first number in a fraction (before the slash) is called the numerator, and represents a number of equal parts.

The second number is called the denominator, and shows how many of these equal parts it takes to make a whole.

Shown below is the printable answer key to the worksheet shown above.

Starting at the top of the worksheet shown above and moving from left to right, the answers to these reducible fractions are as follows:

five elevenths (5/11) .45454545454545453

seven twelfths (7/12)   .5833333333333334

one eighth (1/8)   .125

two ninths (2/9)    .2222222222222

seven twelfths (7/12)    .5833333333333334

two elevenths (2/11)   .18181818181818182

one sixth (1/6)   .166666666666666

seven elevenths (7/11)   .6363636363636364

one sixth (1/6)   .166666666666666

four sevenths (4/7)  .5714285714285714

six elevenths (6/11)   .5454545454545454

three tenths (3/10)  .3

eight ninths (8/9)  .888888888888888

five sixths (5/6)   .8333333333333334

seven tenths (7/10)   .7

three elevenths (3/11)   .2727272727272727

five elevenths (5/11)  .45454545454545453

three sevenths (3/7)   .42857142857142855

two sevenths (2/7)   .2857142857142857

five sevenths (5/7)   .7142857142857143

Fraction Worksheets Answer Key

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