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Shown above is an addition worksheet with visual cues for each problem. This worksheet is typically appropriate for children from around age five to age seven.

In general, a first grade math curriculum may include learning any of the following skills: Addition, subtraction, counting (by twos, by fives, by tens, and counting backwards from 100), basic measurements, basic geometry, numeric sequences, clock time, calendar time and basic money management.


* Addition is a simple mathematical procedure by which things or groups of things are combined into one larger group, then counted as a single amount or a quantity.

* Repeatedly adding the number one (1) to a number is the same thing as counting.

* Adding the number zero (0) to a number does not change the resulting quantity.

* The difference between a number and a numeral is that the number represents a quantity, whereas the numeral designates the digit itself. For example, a telephone number contains numerals.

* The order in which numbers are added does not matter. This feature is known as the "Commutative Law of Addition."

* Certain types of animals, such as primates and others, are able to add small numbers.

* The act of addition is indicated by a plus sign (+).

* When numbers are added together, the resulting number is called the "sum" or the "total."


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