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Find here free teacher worksheets, printable business forms for entrepreneurs, challenging puzzles for adults, academic worksheets for kids, and a wide variety of other free printable items.

These items are designed to help better organize material for quicker learning, faster comprehension, and better overall educational performance levels. 

Subjects covered in these worksheets include math, reading comprehension, spelling, geography and critical thinking. 

Check back often. This page is being continually updated with more free teacher worksheets and fun printable puzzles. 

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Free Printable Puzzle Games: Harder Mazes, Word Puzzles, Codebreakers, Coloring Games, and more.  

Puzzle Games For Kids 


Prime Numbers Table And FAQ 

MATH A worksheet of visual math problems featuring simple addition. Designed especially for a kindergarten or first grade academic level.

MATH A collection of math problems for practicing the art of subtraction. These problems are especially appropriate for a first or second grade learning level. Answer key included.

MATH This page presents a collection of multiplication problems featuring three-digit numbers multiplied by single-digit numbers. Answer key also provided.

MATH  Free printable worksheets of slightly more difficult multiplication problems. These teacher worksheets feature double-digit numbers. An answer key is also provided.

MATH This page features a free printable fractions worksheet for beginners. Answer key is provided.

MATH This page features fraction worksheets of a slightly greater difficulty level. Printable answer key is included.


FREE TEACHER WORKSHEETS for BEGINNING READERS An originally designed, free printable visual alphabet worksheet for beginning readers of all ages. Easy instructions provided.

READING This page features a test of reading comprehension skills, with perhaps a dash of science thrown in for good measure. Designed for (approximately) grades 5 and up.

READING This page offers an originally designed, free printable crossword puzzle. Perfect for grades 7 and up, but of course anyone can try it.


COLOR WHEEL A colorful chart that illustrates the nature of colors and how to use them.

MULIPLICATION TABLE Free printable multiplication table.

METRIC CONVERSIONS This page features unit measurement conversions from inches to centimeters, miles to kilometers, pounds to kilos and more.

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