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Goodbye Gemini

by ybonesy (2008)


I read horoscopes and obituaries

flip between the future and the past

they share the heavens in common.

I examine, too, Before and After photos

of a plain, some might say mousey, woman who

through something akin to magic

emerges transformed

a lesser Jolie or Paltrow

much lesser, some might say

I suggest we withhold judgment

until we consult the stars.

It is the 50th Anniversary snapshots I love the most

Before: earnest faces, handsome and pretty

every one, without exception, recalls a silent movie

After 50 years and who knows how many dreams

intercepted by crisis

a thousand and one threats

and hanging by a thread

I search for youth (check the brow)

happiness (corners of the mouth)

a singular sign of love (hands, eyes, even skin might give it away).

Gemini is romantic

and pragmatic

Mercury retrograde, it’s said, slows down this mercurial communicator

emphasizes earth

de-emphasizes shattering

illuminates. Claro.

The newspaper says, “Don’t make important decisions

before the 19th.”

Don’t write big checks.

It’s fine to start a new page.

Correction: Your whole life will open up to a new path in the year ahead

after the full moon.

Travel, slow down

tear down what is no longer needed

rebuild a new structure that will be more suitable.

I read my horoscope the way I read the obituaries

Do I know this person?

“Stick to your guns, Gemini,

dear Gemini.”

Did we go to high school together?

I draw down the yearbook from the shelf where it waits

for such an occasion

run middle-aged fingers over cool, smooth paper

feel for a time when I was eager to know

how Pluto and a gaggle of planets

conspired for and against me.

I close the pages on another year

remember fondly my fading Gemini traits

“sex appeal,” “wild child,” “fast not slow”

I hardly recognize myself in daily prognostications

I have to admit

I’d rather wallow with the bereaved and

wonder how the youngest among the deceased

came to meet his end.


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