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This page features a printable Grocery List Printable Recipes and other Printable items.

Also provided is a printable list of low carbohydrate foods. They are alphabetically arranged by food group, with carb counts (in grams) shown on the right.

All foods listed here are generally considered healthy for a low carb diet. 

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Grocery List Printable

FOOD ITEM                      CARBS


Blackberries (1 cup)                6g

Cranberries (1 oz.)                 2g

Lemons (1 tbs, juice)              1g

Limes (1 tbs, juice)                 1g

Rhubarb (1 cup)                     3g

Strawberries (1 cup, raw)        5g


Artichokes (1 lg, cooked)         6g

Asparagus (1 cup)                  2g

Avocado (1 med)                    3g

Broccoli (1 cup, cooked)          2g

Cabbage (1 cup, cooked)         4g

Cauliflower (1 cup, cooked)     2g

Celery (1 cup, raw)                 1.5g

Cucumbers (1 cup, sliced)       4g

Green Beans (1 cup)               4g

Lettuce (1 cup)                       0.5g

Mushrooms (1 cup)                 1g

Bell Peppers (1 cup, raw)         4g

Radishes (1 cup)                     2g

Spinach (1 cup)                      3g

Sprouts - brussel (1 cup)         6g

Zucchini (1 cup, cooked)          4g

grocery list printable grocery list printable grocery list printable 


Lean cuts of red meat

Chicken (white meat only)

Turkey (white meat only)

Fresh Fish

(AVOID organ meats, shellfish, processed lunch meats and bacon)


Eggs (boiled or poached)

Whole milk (1 cup)                 11.4g

2 % milk (1 cup)                    11.7g

1 % milk (1 cup)                     11.6g

Fat-free milk (1 cup)               11.9g

Buttermilk (1 cup)                   11.7g

Goat's milk (1 cup)                  10.9g

Half and Half (1 cup)               10.4g

Light Cream (1 cup)                7.1g

Heavy Cream (1 cup)              6.6g

Evaporated milk (1 cup)          25.3g

Nonfat evap. milk (1 cup)        29.0g

Sweetened Coconut milk (1 cup) 6.3g

Sweetened condensed milk (1 cup)  166g (not a typo)

Sour cream (1 cup)                 9.8g



Chia Seeds

Flax seeds




Sugar-free Sodas

Olive Oil


  1. The "enemies" of the human diet are fat and sugar.
  2. Carbohydrates quickly convert to sugar as they are being digested.
  3. A low carb diet is often medically necessary, such as for people living with diabetes.
  4. A vegan diet is very low in fat, but not necessarily low in carbs or sugar. 
  5. The TOTAL amount of fat per day that is actually needed by the average human body is contained in half a banana.

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