Hilarious Wallpapers and Other Desktop Favorites

CAUTION: Some of the Hilarious Wallpapers shown below may NOT be considered suitable for children.

Above: Installation art on a random, unsuspecting city street.

Below: A hilarious Lassie cartoon by the great John Callahan.

Image credit: callahanonline.com

Above: The promotional engineers at Viagra find themselves amusing.

Image credit: flixya.com

Below: Who's the happy couple?

Image credit: blog.punjabilokvirsa.com

Above: The Joy of ESL.

Image Credit: 2wired2tired.com

Below: Another hilarious wallpapers cartoon by the great John Callahan.

Image credit: callahanonline.com

Above: One super cool cat picture.

Image Credit: funnyloves.com

Below: Another super cool cat picture.

Image credit: pcturesofcats4you.com

Above: Girl with a BIG mouth.

Image credit: display-wallpapers.blogspot.com

Below: The Pillsbury Dinnerware Dough Boy.

Image Credit: rootfun.net

Above: Adorable Animal Image 1 - Baby Monkey.

Image Credit: doberdan.com

Below: Adorable Animal Image 2 - Baby Ostrich.

Image Credit: funny-pics-fun.com

Above: Adorable Animal Image 3 - A Green Tree Frog relaxes on a lily pad in a stunning natural pose.

Image Credit: jokeroo.com

Below: Adorable Animal Image 4 - A girl and her pet elephant.

Image Credit: free-funny-picture.blogspot.com

More Hilarious Wallpapers

Above: Disrespecting Signs 1

Image Credit: dumpaday.com

Below: Disrespecting Signs 2

Image Credit: funny-pics-fun.com

Above: Disrespecting Signs 3 - The next time you realize you've done something wrong, go "Oh! Servicio Hosteleria Industrial Terrassa!!!"

Image Credit: innocentenglish.com

Below: Disrespecting Signs 4

Image Credit: funnyjin.blogspot.com

Above: Hey, Honey! What's for dinner? 

Image Credit: funnycollectionworld.blogspot.com

The Photo Bomb Collection

Below: The world's greatest college photo bomb ever!

Image Credit: ubacruzer.blogspot.com

Above: Cool Mom Photo Bomb.

Image Credit: amazingmaterial.com

Below: One lucky nerd.

Image Credit: fotozup.com

Above: The "My Boyfriend's Best Friend is a Retard" Series: Part One.

Image Credit: typelol.com

Below: The "My Boyfriend's Best Friend is a Retard" Series: Part Two.

Image Credit: complex.com

Above: Even cats get jealous.

Image Credit: izismile.com

Below: Another cat-inspired classic from the Photo Bomber Hall of Fame.

Image credit: picturefans.com

Above: A pigeon's-eye view of Manhattan.

Image credit: thumbpress.com

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