The Top 10 History Clipart Designs On The Internet

Scan this page for a memorable selection of History Clipart. 

Above: A confused clipart caveman with a laptop. In those days, they didn't even HAVE history. 

Clipart can be used for business, education, artwork, correspondence, love letters, websites, tattoo designs, and more. 

Choose from any of the dozens of clipart and coloring page themes linked below. Each category features the Top 10 Clipart Designs on the Internet. 

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Be sure to check back often, as more History Clipart designs and free printable coloring page themes are being added here all the time. 

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More Top 10 History Clipart Designs

Above: History Clipart background image


Art History Clipart: Mona Lisa, by Leonardo daVinci


Above: Ancient History Clipart - Prehistoric cave paintings


Above: American History Clipart cartoon - A man in coat tails and a powdered wig writes the Declaration of Independence with a feather quill pen. 


Above: History Clipart doodles


Above: Assorted ancient History Clipart designs


Above: Assorted black and white History Clipart


Above: African American History Clipart - Rosa Parks


Above: Black History Clipart for Black History Month


Other Clipart Themes

Adult Clipart Coloring  (Caution: VERY!!! Adult)

African Symbols

Airplane Clipart

Airplane Clipart II 

Alchemy Symbols 

Alien Clipart 

America Flag Clipart 

Angel Clipart

Animals Clipart 

Animals Clipart II  

Animation Clipart 

Ant Clipart 

Apple Clipart 

April Fool Clipart 

Arabian Horse Clipart 

Architecture Clipart 

Army Clipart 

Arrow Clipart 

Astronaut Clipart 

Australia Time Zone Clipart 

Baby Clipart

Backpack Clipart 

Balloon Clipart 

Baseball Clipart 

Basket Clipart 

Basketball Clipart 

Bat Clipart 

Bear Clipart 

Bee Clipart 

Bicycle Clipart 

Billie Holiday Clipart 

Birds Clipart

More Bird Clipart 

Birthday Clipart 

Birthday Cake Clipart 

Black And White Clipart Coloring And Designs

Book Clipart 

Borders Clipart  

Bowling Clipart 

Boy Clipart 

Boys Clipart II 

British Flag Clipart 

Bulldog Clipart 

Bus Clipart 

Butterfly Clipart 

Cake Clipart 

Calculator Clipart 

Camel Clipart 

Camera Clipart 

Camping Clipart 

Canada Day Clipart 

Canadian Flag Clipart 

Candle Clipart 

Candy Cane Clipart 

Car Clipart 

Carrot Clipart 

Cat Clipart Coloring 

Celtic Symbols 

Chair Clipart 

Cheerleading Clipart 

Cheetah Clipart 

Chef Clipart 

Chicken Clipart 

Child Clipart 

Children Stories Clipart 

Children's Day Clipart 

Chinese Flag Clipart 

Christmas Clipart 

Christmas Tree Clipart 

Classroom Clipart 

Clock Clipart 

Cloud Clipart 

Clown Clipart 

Coffee Clipart 

Columbus Day Clipart 

Computer Clipart 

Cow Clipart 

Cowboy Clipart 

Crab Clipart 

Cross Clipart 


Dentist Clipart 

Desk Clipart 

Dinosaur Clipart 

Doctor Clipart 

Dog Clipart 

Doll Clipart 

Dolphin Clipart 

Dragon Clipart 

Eagle Clipart 

Earth Clipart 

Easter Clipart 

Educational Clipart 

Egyptian Symbols 

Elephant Clipart 

Eraser Clipart 

Exercise Clipart 

Eyes Clipart 

Face Clipart 

Fairy Clipart 

Family Clipart 

Farm Clipart 

Fire Clipart 

Firefighter Clipart 

Fireworks Clipart 

Fish Clipart 

Fishing Clipart 

Flag Clipart 

Flag Clipart II 

Flag Of Australia Clipart 

Flag Of China Clipart 

Flag Of Germany Clipart 

Flag Of India Clipart 

Flag Of Italy Clipart 

Flag Of Japan Clipart 

Flag Of Kenya Clipart 

Flag Of Pakistan Clipart 

Flamingo Clipart 

Flower Clipart 

Flower Clipart II 

Flower Clipart III 

Food Clipart 

Football Clipart 

Fox Clipart 

French Flag   

Friendship Day Clipart 

Friesian Horse Clipart 

Frog Clipart 

Frog Clipart Coloring 

Fruits Clipart 

Future World Clipart 

Ghost Clipart 

Giraffe Clipart 

Girl Clipart 

Goat Clipart 

Golf Clipart 

Gorilla Clipart 

Grapes Clipart 

Grass Clipart 

Groundhog Day Clipart 

Halloween Clipart 

Hands Clipart 

Hand Clipart II  

Happy Clipart 

Happy Birthday Clipart 

Hat Clipart 

Heart Clipart 

Heart Clipart II 

Hindu Symbols 

History Clipart 

Hockey Clipart 

Holiday Clipart 

Horse Clipart 

Horse Clipart II 

Horse Clipart III 

Horse Drawings  

Hot Air Balloons

House Clipart 

Ice Cream Clipart 

Indian Clipart 

Insect Clipart 

Internet Clipart 

Jug Clipart 

Jungle Clipart 

Keyboard Symbols

Kid Clipart 

Kids Clipart Coloring Challenges 

King Clipart 

Knife Clipart 

Kitten Clipart 

Laptop Clipart 

Leaf Clipart 

Lemon Clipart 

Lightning Clipart 

Lion Clipart 

Lion Clipart Coloring Challenges 

Lotus Clipart 

Lunch Clipart 

Mango Clipart 

Maps (Africa) Clipart 

Maps (Asia) Clipart 

Maps (Bangladesh) Clipart 

Maps (Italy) Clipart 

Maps (Poland) Clipart 

Math Clipart 

Milk Clipart 

Mom Clipart 

Money Clipart 

Monkey Clipart 

Monster Clipart 

Moon Clipart 

Mouse Clipart 

Mushroom Clipart 

Music Clipart 

New Year Clipart 

Nose Clipart 

Notebook Clipart 

Numbers Clipart

Octopus Clipart

Owl Clipart

Parrot Clipart 

Peacock Clipart 

Pen Clipart 

Pencil Clipart

Penguin Clipart 

Phone Clipart 

Pig Clipart 

Pizza Clipart 

Plant Clipart 

Plate Clipart 

Pomegranate Clipart 

Potato Clipart 

Pumpkin Clipart 

Punjabi Clipart 

Quadrilateral Shapes 

Rabbit Clipart 

Rainbow Flag Clipart Designs 

Rocket Clipart 

Rose Clipart 

Ruler Clipart 

Santa Claus Clipart 

More Santa Clipart 

Satellite Map Clipart 

Science Clipart 

Sea Horse Clipart 

Seal Clipart 

Shark Clipart 

Sheep Clipart 

Shell Clipart 

Ship Clipart 

Snake Clipart 

Snow Clipart 

Snowflake Clipart 

Snowman Clipart 

Soccer Clipart 

Softball Clipart 

Space Clipart 

Sports Clipart 

Spring Clipart 

Squirrel Clipart 

Star Clipart 

Strawberry Clipart 

Summer Clipart 

Sun Clipart 

Swimming Clipart 

Teacher Clipart 

Teddy Bear Clipart 

Thanksgiving Clipart 

Tiger Clipart 

Toys Clipart 

Train Clipart

Tree Clipart 

Trees Clipart 

Turtle Clipart 

UFO Clipart 

Umbrella Clipart 

Unicorn Clipart 

Valentines Day Clipart 

Wedding Clipart 

White Flag Clipart 

Wolf Clipart 

Women's World Cup 

World Population Clipart 

World Wide Web Clipart 

Yoga Clipart 

Zebra Clipart 

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  1. How old is the United States?
  2. What state was called Franklin?
  3. What are some interesting facts about the state of Virginia?
  4. What are some interesting facts about Kentucky?
  5. When did Texas become a State?
  6. Where was the first public library in the United States?
  7. What is the oldest state park in America?
  8. What are some interesting facts about the Empire State Building?
  9. What are some interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty?
  10. What are the Top 10 Coolest Roller Coasters in America?

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  1. Arizona State University 
  2. Baylor University 
  3. Boston University 
  4. Brown University 
  5. Central Michigan University 
  6. Columbia University 
  7. Cornell University 
  8. Dartmouth College  
  9. Duke University 
  10. Emory University 
  11. Georgetown University 
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  15. Johns Hopkins University 
  16. Michigan State University 
  17. Mississippi State University 
  18. Northwestern University 
  19. Notre Dame 
  20. New York University (NYU) 
  21. Ohio State University 
  22. Princeton University 
  23. Rice University 
  24. Southern Methodist University 
  25. Stanford University 
  26. Swarthmore College 
  27. Syracuse University 
  28. Texas Tech 
  29. Tufts University 
  30. Tulane University 
  31. University of Arizona 
  32. UC Berkeley 
  33. UCLA 
  34. University of Chicago 
  35. University of Delaware 
  36. University of Georgia 
  37. University of Houston 
  38. University of La Verne 
  39. University of Michigan 
  40. University of Mississippi 
  41. University of Montana 
  42. University of Oregon 
  43. University of Pennsylvania 
  44. University of Southern California (USC) 
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  46. Vanderbilt University 
  47. Wake Forest University 
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  49. Wesleyan University 
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