How To Make Origami
And Other DIY Solutions


How To Make Origami is to master the ancient art of paper folding.  

Traditionally, origami is created by the folding of a single square of paper, with no cutting involved.

The Origami link shown below leads to quick and easy origami designs, suitable for beginners.  

With practice, you can learn to make something more complex, such as the giant origami horses shown above.  

Each horse is made with a folded 9 foot-by-9 foot sheet of paper, covering 81 square feet!  

That's about the size of a small bedroom.  

To learn How To Make Origami and other DIY creations, visit the links shown on this page.  

Be sure to check back often, as new how-to pieces are being added all the time.

How To Make Origami and More


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