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Here's How To Search Jobs and earn what you're worth, with or without special skills.

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How To Search Jobs Online

If you are looking for paid work online, visit craigslist at least once a day.  Craigslist is the top online resource for job seekers in America.  For How To Search Jobs online, just follow these simple steps.  

1)  Simply go to  

2)  Choose your approximate geographical location from the file menu.

3)  Click on the categories labeled JOBS.  Also try GIGS.  

4)  There are two ways How To Search Jobs in a specific industry on craigslist.  You can either

              a) select the type of employment from the file                     menu provided


              b) type whatever you like into the search bar                       and hit ENTER. 

5)  Also search other cities accessible from where you live.

6)  If your goal is telecommuting, check the box that says Telecommute and hit Enter. Or put words like "remote" and "telecommute" in the keyword search bar.

7)  Scan down the results list, and apply for all jobs you believe you can do well.  

8)  Always include a concise, well written, error-free cover letter and a Professional Resume.

9)  If you don't hear back from anyone within a week, follow up your online submission with a brief, polite email inquiry.  

10)  Repeat these ten steps as necessary.

That's How To Search Jobs online. 

Sample Resume


my address

city, state, zip

my phone

my email address



Columbia University (School of General Studies) – B.A., Psychology/Communications.


1998 – 2008 – Independent contractor at Bay Area schools, designing and implementing after school enrichment workshops.

2008 – present – Professional writer working mostly from home.



  • Every Body, Every Wear (The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion and Style)
  • Abode (The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Home Construction and Residential Architecture)
  • Crazy Horse Appearing - A new biography of Crazy Horse, featuring freshly dug facts and the ONLY authentic photo of Crazy Horse known to exist. Available in paperback, and e-Book format.
  • Artist Unknown: The Life and Lost Works of Charles Deas (featuring a newly discovered lost work by the artist)
  • Yule Log: Noteworthy Events that Happened on Christmas Day
  • San Francisco Easy Streets – A collection of hand drawn neighborhood maps, with original street photos.
  • Debunking the Fitness Myth (A Ground Breaking Approach to Health, Wealth and Happiness) – A controversial classic of the self help genre.
  • Portable Chess Coach - Cardoza Publishers, June 2006.


  • Featuring a wide range of free printable items
  • Award-winning informational website about states


  • – A series of articles about Calistoga.
  • Rockcliff Real Estate ( – Blogs, posts and articles about Contra Costa County
  • (500+ career, degree & insurance-related articles)
  • (food-related articles)
  • (dozens of blogs, recipes and how-to articles on many topics)
  • BPW Media (2,000+ technology, health, education career, fashion, top ten lists, and more)
  • Destination Partners (Articles & landing pages for a travel)
  • Ganja Writers (well researched articles and blogs about medical marijuana)
  • AOL (5,000 photos with real estate and business listings for
  • (200+ step-by-step science fair project ideas)
  • (Tips for retiring seniors)
  • (Health/Science articles, healthy recipes)


  • NOVO Magazine (Food and Entertainment reviews, San Francisco)
  • (2,000+ business listings for a vacation travel website)
  • Kashmir (fashion blogs & product descriptions for the fashion brand label)
  • (rating many thousand latest fashions)
  • Selleight (dozens of brief reviews for luxury products, some with photos)


  • Dana Dworin Designs (bios, brochures, press releases and real estate listings for a high end landscape designer and real estate agent)
  • Barbizon Studios (Promotional literature and employee training materials)


  • The Night (An original feature-length screenplay for Gaurav Bhatnagar, Indie Productions. 2013).
  • Retail Employee Training Video (for Staples, 2013).
  • At Her Majesty's Request (feature film: Converted dialogue from American speech to Aristocratic Victorian English. Wrote new dialogue. Made scene & setting adjustments.
  • Head Games (an original short Horror script for a screen writing competition)
  • Jokes (hundreds of successful jokes, skits and impressions for stand up comedy routines throughout the Bay Area)
  • Fresh (feature film: setting and dialogue adjustments, coaching and prop work for a film directed by Boaz Yakin, starring Sean Nelson with Samuel L. Jackson)


  • Calypso Cards (Sayings for funny greeting cards)
  • TV Guide: (Two original crossword puzzles).
  • Chessnuts: A board game from Enginuity Games, LLC


Writing, Editing, Research, Proofreading, Concept creation, Script design, Web content, SEO, Keyword search, Photography, Graphics, Printing, Book manufacturing, and ALL administrative functions.

Personal qualifications include extreme organization, efficiency, accuracy, speed, stylistic flexibility, eagerness to learn, and a keen sense of humor.


  • Recipient of the “A+ Award” for
  • Winner of a Nationwide caption contest with over 7,000 entries (Gorilla Foundation).
  • $1,000 grant to design chess programs for local schools (American Chess Foundation).

How to Search Jobs Offline

If you are looking for employment in a local company, just follow these step-by-step directions. Here's How To Search Jobs offline. 

1)  Compile a list of local businesses.  

2)  Create a call / email list of appropriate contacts.

3)  Send a well crafted letter to each department head (or company CEO, whatever the case may be), requesting employment.  Be sure to include a professional resume.

4)  Follow up with a polite phone call.

5)  Repeat the above steps as necessary.

6)  Scan the classified ads of your local newspaper.

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